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 Allergy to gloves?
i get an allergy onmy hands by wearing latex gloves, is it beause of the latex rubber or the corn starch powder used in it..if so how can i know what is causing ...

 Our little hamster "Butterscotch" keeps sneezing.Does he have a cold? What to do?

Additional Details
This probably should be in pets category,woops....

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 Is there such a thing as a slight lactose intolerance?
because if there is, i think thats what i am....

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during this year i`ve been under a huge amount of work, and i started to have a rash all over my hands neck and back. Please tell me if this is just my ...

 Is it possibl that anybody could get an allergic reaction from a IV from the hospital?
I was in the hospital last year and i dont think the IV was in right my hand swell up from it and arm.Five days after that my skin started swelling now its in my body where it just blows up every ...

 I'm looking for a website that helps people who are allergic to nickel?

 Why put Sudafed behind the counter?
I think that is the dumbest idea ever. Thats not really accomplishing anything, anyone 18+ can still buy it, all they have to do is ask now. I could see if they ran a criminal backround check (which ...

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 Why are bogeys green?

 Is it possible to be...?
allergic to secondhand smoke? i don't smoke. whenever i'm around people who are smoking, my eyes get watery, my throat gets dry, i cough, and i have trouble breathing after a while....

 Hives in children?
My 4 year old has had hives since last Friday (6 days). I noticed them when I picked her up from preschool. She's never had hives before. We cannot figure out the cause. Changed our detergent ...

 What do do with my allergies...?
hey..., i have a skin allergy and i don't know where i got it..., they are like lumps with red surroundings and they are so itchy..., what can i do to get rid of them...?...

 Has anyone tried gin soaked raisins for RA?

 How do you know if you have a mold problem where you live?
We just moved into an apartment and all of a sudden we're both coughin and getting dizzy spells. We checked all gas leaks and have monoxide detectors so mold is what we suspect......

 Can you cure hayfever with exposure? Would I be able to live on a farm?

 Can my family doctor do allergy tests on me?
I live in the boonies and don't want to have to travel 1 1/2 hours to see an allergist....

 How do you cure a allergic reaction?
i have an allergic reaction every time my skin comes in contact with water. it itches so much that i have scratched and now i have scratch marks on my arms. how do you cure the reaction and how do ...

 Swelling in nasal passages?
my nasal passages are constricted..... which doesn't exactly give a problem in breathing, but sometimes it does. i dont snore. no nasal drippage. there is slight swelling around my nose bridge. ...

 I have chronic congestion. What foods can you eat to stop congestion in your nose/nostrils/sinus?
Short of taking Claritin or Allegra D what can i do?...

Sometimes when I cough hard a white thick chunky like substance comes up that is smelly and waxy? What is it?
It does not happen very often like maybe once or twice a year. Today I coughed and two chunks of it came up. I know that this is sort of a grose question but have never heard of this and am very curious. Is it something to worry about? Is cholesterol in our lungs? Is this a substance that occurs in our lungs?
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Yes, I have asthma.

you might of had just digested some lard that didn't go down right

Are they little? If they are big, idk, but if they are little, like smaller than a pea, and you still have your tonsils, then that is where they are coming from. I had these and asked my doctor, its from having some sort of fever or infection that the body is fighting off, and yes its gross, but they are pus. But thats only if you still have your tonsils. If you dont, i have no clue.

Kaitlyn T
they are old mucis plugs

don't panic....lol. my sister gets these sometimes too. They are actually old mucus plugs from resp infections and such. Are you an asthmatic? my sister is , so she's prone to resp infections a few times a year. She sometimes coughs and these nasty, smelly balls of old mucus come up. She actually made up this goofy name for them because she didn't know what they were either at first. I hope this helps to calm your nerves and take care of yourself.

Chicken in Black
You're coughing up tonsilliths, also called tonsil stones. They are little clumps of mucus, food and bacteria that build up in your tonsils, normally they aren't noticed but sometimes they stick and end up as stinky horrid pearls of goop that you hack up. If you don't have tonsils you won't get these little chunks of grossness.

Nothing to really worry about, unless they are big and become painful. I've had them for years, my allergist said people with allergies are more likely to get them. They do cause bad breath and can give you a sore throat.

Sometimes you can feel them in your tonsils, like a little lump or annoyance at the back of your throat. Look in a mirror and you might see them as whitish or yellowish objects sticking out of the tonsil crypts. If you can't hack them out you can sometimes poke them loose with a q-tip :]

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