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 Am i allergic to smthng or it is a mosquitto bite...?
i hv hd this problem since birth.. its tht sometimes i wake up in the morning and both or one of my eyes are swollon like hell...
its not often... bt happens atleast once in 6 mnths...


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 I have allergies that keep me from breathing through my nose. What meds work for you?

 Is their an herbal cure for allergies?

 Do i have alcohol intolerance?
i dont drink all that much.
every time i have drank, i always get the asian flush (i'm not asian) and i never feel drunk.
but this one time i didnt drink that much, and then i felt ...

 Allergy Testing? "Scratch" tests scheduled. Please any advice or knowledge?
I'm terrified. I remember as a young girl at about 4, I had these tests done. They wish to re-test me as I don't have the results, and it's 20 years later.

I was highly ...

 Why do I have allergy to alcohol?
I'm a Malaysian C...

 SINUSITIS?? slight swelling on cheek and ache behind eye????????
is this sinus trouble?? the side that it is on tends to be more blocked than the other??
Additional Details
i have had twitching in my eyelid too!...

 Can my children have an allergic reaction to mosquitos???
Both of my children have always had a strange reaction to mosquito bites. The area swells tremendously and forms a knot for several days. Once the swelling subsides, the area remains almost bruised ...

 Allergic to chocolate?
I used to be able to eat chocolate, then in college I remember that I would have a midnight munchy and get a hersheys bar with almonds... about 5 years ago I noticed that if I had even a little piece ...

 Is it possible to get more allergic to things?
RIght now I'm allergic to ant bites. Like if an ant bites me, like even a regular black ant, the area gets swollen up to twice its size and the area turns purple and for the first 2 days I have ...

 Anyway to get rid of my Allergy problems?
I take Claratin D and still my nose wont stop running and I still feel drowziee and irratatied. Is there any other solution? I have also taken allegra which did no help....

 Do nasal sprays affect your IQ?
I am suffering from allergic rhinitis. My doctor advised me to use a nasal spray for maintenance for my allergy attack. But most of my friends say that these nasal sprays slows down the brain. We ...

 Is it allegeries?
I always have a sinus headache my eyes feel like they could pop out of my head. My nose drains into my throat or gets stuck. This has gone on for 2 years. MY ? is is this allergies to where I could ...

 Best allergy medicine for my symptoms?
I never had summer allergies before this year and it's been horrible! I've tried Claritin, Sudafed, Tylenol Sinus, and am currently trying Zyrtec which has been working decently. Some days ...

 Can you be allergic to cauliflower?
I told my mom I was just so I wouldn't have to eat it and she bought it. But I was just wondering if it is even possible....

 Sneezing pls answer me?
I sneeze like 8 times daily, sometimes even one after one. what allergy could I have??...

 Where is the best place to live in the U.S. for a person with allergies?
My allergies are bad and most of the time I am unable to wear my contacts. I would consider moving to a city/town where I wouldn't suffer due to my allergies. Currently I live in central C...

 My husband has a severe milk allergy. He IS NOT lactose intolerant. He IS allergic, anyone else?

Additional Details
He can have milk if it is baked, but no cheese or ice cream. He drinks soy milk and is especially sensitive to anything with whey....

 What's a home remedy for stuffed up nose?

Shampoo Allergy???
Is it possible for a certain shampoo line to cause dandruff?? I started using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner and I started flaking badly! Could this be an allergic reaction or just my imagination?

Matt C
Try showering more than once a month

well if u dont know u could see a doctor instead of guesing.

don't know if it's an allergy, but some shampoo's can cause dry scalp and dandruff, some times it's just because you switched shampoo's. You should stop using it, go back to your usual brand till the flaking stops, then you can try something else.

It may be - try not using it for a week.

Best shampoo is a natural one - no harmful chemicals

Try Simply Organics - an aussie company that makes only natural shampoos etc

Interesting website as well!

yes it is. i used garnier Nutrisse for a long time and then my hair started doing that. Quit using it and use a dandruff shampoo for awhile. Then try something else out.

I use Suave and the Avon brand, they have never caused this with me and alot of the more expensive ones have. I cannot use the upper line of hair care, it makes my scalp itch and flake and my hair act funny.

Sounds like an allergy to me...I've had similar allergic reactions from shampoos & conditioners. Try to find a hypo allergenic shampoo to use for a couple weeks to see if it stops...good luck!

This is very important. Check the ingredients for formaldehyde. If its in the shampoo, don't use it. One of the cheapest and best is Suave.

rik e
Look at your ingredient label. Many shampoos use ammonium laurel sulfate, or ammonium laureth sulfate, both of these can damage hair and scalp. Switch to a shampoo that contains sodium laurel/laureth sulfate. I like Matrix smooth and silky, it smells great.

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