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What's happening in an allergic person's body as they have an allergic reaction to strawberries?
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I'm not having an allergic reaction so I'm alright ...

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 Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! It's gross!?
Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! Is it allergies? They get really itchy and puffy, then my throat itches, and my lips feel like needles. ALLERGIES?

 How do I get rid of my allegric reaction to humidity?
First of all, I'm not allergic to the sun.
I used to joke that I'm a vampire, but I found humidity is the catalyst not the sun.
In wintertime I have no problems.


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 What are you allergic to?
im allergic to cucumbers on my face (rash) , johnsons body lotion(rash), cat fur (sneezing!), and avocado...i think...(weird bump on lip)...

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 What is Mono?
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 Worst sinus headache of my life.?
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so i randomly get hives all over my arms. i'l just be sitting there, and i'll get hives. i really dont understand?
i get them everyday, and i dont get them after i eat so i don't ...

 What is the best cure for a blocked nose?
bearing in mind its middle of the night so no medicine is available....

Pediatrician has my 7 year old on Claritin daily for allergies.?
Another mom had a fit when I told her. She said "get her off that right away, you know it destroys the liver! Get her on some local honey and that will take care of it." Any insight on any of this?

sounds like she is a bit of a holistic medicine fanatic ... find out if she gives Tylenol to her kids :

echinachea is great as long as they are not allergic to ragweed or a few other related plants ... it has been known to cause anaphylaxis in some ...

do your own googling and research, check the mayo clinic and other reputable sites before you believe hype ... Claritin is not recommended if you already have renal or liver problems ... but the same is warned for at least 50% of OTC medications ...

local honey shouldn't do anything for an allergy if it is not caused by something "in" the honey ... such as a certain pollen ... that would make sense as far as building up a tolerance to that 1 particular allergen ... but it won't do a thing if it is dust mites causing the problem ... it is all relative, we are all different, and extra sugar in their diet probably won't be benifical in the long run ...

dale jr fan
I have hard that 1tea spoon of your local honey a day will help your allergies. If I could find someone mear me that made it then I would buy every bottle they made. I have tried almost everything over the counter and prescription and nothing really helps. Yo ma want to try the honey.

Chris L.
I tried Claritin for my daughter also, she is 2 1/2 right now, but it dried her out and made her coughing due to nasal drainage worse. She had sinus infections since she was 5 months old, 12 in all, but not ear infections, she had constant drainage for months... If your daughter has only nasal symptoms, you can try flonase nasal spray, both my daughter and I use it and it has been a miracle for us, she has had only 1 sinus infection in the past year (the year before she had 12). Her nose has not "leaked" at all in over 4 months whatsoever. I don't think the Claritin will be damaging to your daughter, but I personally tried it also, and, like sudafed, it gave me a sore throat and made me feel tired out. I like the idea of the flonase that we use since it is topical and not systemic. In her defense, honey is supposed to help with allergies also. Add more details if you want more info, good luck and don't feel bad about all this!

Wouldn't you like to know?
Claritin does not harm a healthy liver. It is a medication that is metabolized by the liver before it reaches the rest of the body, so if one has liver problems it should be used with caution. Honey is more for reducing cough by its coating action, but does not treat the cause of the cough.

There may be a variety of reasons to be concerned about giving antihistamine to a young child; however, Claritin has virtually no effect on the liver - even at doses 10-50 times more than the recommended dose. Its pretty difficult for someone to even intentionally poison themselves with loratidine, but there is a small number of people that do not metabolize the drug properly, and chronic use (decades) can cause liver impairment.

Using honey instead of Claritin might help someone with allergies to pollen, but it wouldn't help with allergies to dust mites and molds, which are usually more serious allergies. The best thing to do is to ask your child how they feel when taking the Claritin - whether its effective and if its causing any side effects. Discontinue its use if it isn't working or if it seems to be causing problems.

they put my two year old on that but i didnt like givin it to her everyday so i started giving my kids echinacea every night its a natural amune booster and man all 4 of my kids are so much better i couldnt believe it it takes about 6 weeks to really kick in but theres nothing like it, it gets rid of alergies and colds and keeps them from getting them for good they have it in pill form at wal-mart you can brake it open and put it in there juice or food.

Lord I would hope it wouldn't destroy the liver. There are so many medicines out there with the side effect that it could harm the liver. B/c it is being digested by the liver.
But through my experience and checkups my kids are doing fine on Claritin and they have been on it daily for a better over 5yrs. In you live in the south such as I do you need to be on allergy pills or you will have sick children all the time.What would you rather?

Personally I don't think it's a tragedy...but at the same time I would probably research some other options that work just as well with no concerns. Have you investigated any natural options? Some pure, raw honey made locally near you has been known to help some folks. I have used an allergy formula for yrs with my family and clients...and a children's one as well. In the children's formula I use: Astragalus, Nettle, Marshmallow, Peppermint and vegetable glycerine...(liquid allergy formula) This is very similar to my adult formula, which is in capsule form. Works for seasonal and pet allergies - varies per person. Anyway..like I said...do some research...If it were me, I'd probably not want to keep her on the claritin indefinitely.

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