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 Really bad allergies...? allergirc to pollen?
hi, i have really bad allergies right now.
i have stuffy nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and a little coughing... and i can barely keep my eyes open nowadays...
im taking my medicine, but it ...

 Is vomiting after eating a certain food or drink an allergy????
really, i mean when i aet breakfast, my mom makes me drink this milk blended with some seed, i vomit 30 seconds later. it must be the seeds, cus when i just drink milk, i dont vomit....

 Having sinus trouble.....?
I have a stopped up nose, a very bad sinus headache, and my eyes are puffy, the doctors ain't open, so what are some good Sinus Products?...

 Does anyone know anything about allergic reactions to mayonnaise?
My girlfriend ate some kind of sauce at Burger King, five minutes later she proceeded to feel very weak, nausice, chills, upset stomach, dizziness and a low grade fever. As soon as the symthoms ...

 Horible sinus pressure relief??
how can i get it down??...

 Can you be allergic to Benadryl?
I took 2 pills one hour ago and now I am dizzy and nauseous. Is this normal?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone! Turns out that it was making me incredibly sleepy. That was definitely ...

 Can a person break out from.....?
A household insecticide? Would it have to be ingested and/or acutally touched? Or can it break you out in hives from just be inhaled?...

 Whats the best thing to get rid of a nasty caugh asap?
got a hot date tonight and need to get rid of the caugh!!!...

 Allergy shots (knowledgable people only)?
have you or anyone you know received vaccination for allergies? what is your assessment of them, such as their effectiveness? are they worth getting?

i have had ridiculously unbearable, ...

 I have terrible Gas when i drink milk. What does that mean?

 Can you take piriton and paracetemol together?

 Why am i allergic to oranges?
I am allergic to oranges, i get terrible migraines after eating or drinking orange juice. Why am allergic to them, and can you get over a allergy (cause i'd love to eat them again) ?...

 Is it possible to be allergic to peanut butter, but u can eat peanuts without any allergy reaction?
thats kinda strange. i eat peanuts without anything goes wrong, but i have a severe reaction towards peanut butter...how come? any reasons why is that?...

 Why is it when a person is sick theres always carrots in it even if they have`t eaten any?

 Skin hurts after shower. I use a moisturiser and vaseline after shower, but skin burns and hurts. Why?

 Is anyone else alergic to alcohol?
unfortunatley im alergic to alcohol.......
I was just woundering if there is anyone else who has the same condition?? its not an allergy, but my body doesnt make the enzyme that breaks down the ...

 Why do itchy eyes occur?

 I'd like a cat, but my roommate is allergic to them...help?
I am moving into an apartment with my friend Tony and his significant other. This will be my first time moving out and I've always grown up with cats, so I've kind of been contemplating ...

 Can you be allergic to something all of a sudden?

 I have some kind of rash..does anyone know what it might be?
It's on my hands. On the palms and sides of fingers. It's skin colored, not red or anything. It's very bumpy, and itchy, it's not poison. It's an allergic reaction, I THINK!!!...

Orange juice: mucus-producing?
Does anyone have any reliable evidence that orange juice is mucus-producing?
My understanding is that orange juice is the best way to stave-off colds, flu, mouth ulcers, and promote general healing. But someone who limits it for themselves and their children, recently told me it's because they believe it is mucus-producing, i.e. like lactose.

den invent

It affects me that way. One glass & my sinuses are draining. It's gross - I rarely drink it anymore even though I like it. I think it depends on the individual though - like an allergy. I can drink apple juice and I'm fine.

Patricia S
And what is the harm of mucous unless you are a singer about to perform? It can also be caused by milk and chocolate.
For people that are lactose intolerant, mucous is not a major concern, it's the bloating, gas and stomach cramps that cause the most discomfort.
Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C. If it really bothers you there are other natural sources or you can use a supplement.

Allan K
I doubt very much that it is mucus producing. As far as I know, the only reason to limit orange juice intake is that too much is bad for your teeth due to the sugar content.

Some orange juice actually contains lactose..

You shouldn't have a problem with a lactose free product.

Stephen K
Perhaps that calcium-enhanced OJ, but milk makes the mucus

Some orange juice has added calcium I dunno if that means milk or what buy regular. Its the vitamin C in the OJ that helps ward off colds and flu so get some Vitamin C pills and you can skip the juice.

Funny I have trouble with mucus too, and some fruit juices make me worse and can sometimes give me a cough, must be allergic to something.
I only drink pure juices with no additives etc, so don't know, can anyone help??

I'm no authority on the subject but since it is a citrus acid fruit I would think it would cut mucus.

Apparently it is an ancient Chinese medical theory.

There are several articles on the net:
Oranges and orange juice should be eliminated, as both will aggravate mucus congestion, although a small amount of grapefruit juice may be helpful for a cleanser.


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