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 I'm allergic to alcohol. Is there any way I can increase my tolerance for it?
Whenever I drink, my face becomes hot and puffy and my ears start to throb. Any suggestions on how I can increase my tolerance for it? I want to enjoy drinking!...

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Also can English mastiff develope diabetes, if so what are the symptons?...

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 Has anyone given their child the flu shot even though they are allergic to eggs?
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 I like them, but I am allergic to Chicken Nuggets?
Is there any other food that tastes like chicken nuggets?...

 Where can I get 'local' honey for allergies?
No sarcastic comments please......

 This sounds a silly question but is there a substitute for alcohol?

Additional Details
Sorry I meant substitute for drinking alcohol not the kind you rub into cuts etc....

 Could it be possible to be allergic to milk and not to cheese?
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 What medicine i should i take for sneezing and runnynose?

 Do you ever get liightheaded?
Hello I was wondering do you ever get lightheaded?
I do not feel sinus pressure but sometimes when I get up to fast or move to fast I get a little lightheaded
Any suggestions?
May be ...

 Does a beard and mustache cause you to have hayfever worse??
this year i have had really bad hayfever - iv never had hayfever before but my girlfriend says because i have growen a beard and mustache the pollen in traped there and that is whats causing me to ...

 Do you have any allergies?
if so, what are they???
Additional Details
no..i do not have any... *knocks on wood*

&& i was just taking a poll seeing approx. how many ppl have allergies..


 Allergies but not allergic to anything?
Okay I'm sneezing like crazy and my throat hurts but I'm not sick nor do I have allergies. Could it be from me mowing the lawn and doing yard work with stuff like grass flying everywhere or ...

 Why do I get ringing in my ear?

 How come certain parts of your body only itch as soon as you get in public?
places you just cant scratch? why does this always happen?....

 I am comming down whith the flu , and i CAN"T afford to be sick, what can i take to be better?
i have a basketball team to coach and work...i have to feel better QUICK...what kinda foods can i eat that have lots of vitamin c???
OR just something to make me feel better??...

ONe side of my dogs face is swollen, what's wrong?
It couldn't be a bee sting, because it's her whole side of the face, adn it's prob. not allergies, cause then her whole face would be swollen. Right above her eye adn the side of her nose are swollen. What might be wrong?

Amanda S
It could be a snake bite....but it could also be allergies. Just because her whole face isnt swollen doesnt mean its not. Is her personality different? If she is acting different you might need to take her to a vet, especially if she is not eating or drinking.

Of course it could be a bee sting or a spider bite or a snake bite and a severe reaction...

You need to get her to the emergency vet now before she has trouble breathing and goes into shock or dies. This is not something to guess on. Hurry now!

Miss Tragedy™
You need to take her to the vet as soon as possible. The pain is probably killing the poor dog.

Take the poor thing to the Vet straight away.

The same thing happened to my dog and although I know you said it couldn't be a bee sting, that's exactly what it was for my dog. My dog, Lizzie, likes to snap at the bees when they're flying around outside. A few years ago, she actually caught one in her mouth but it stung the inside of her mouth and one entire side of her face was swollen for a couple days. It sounds a lot like what you described.

I hope your dog is alright!

Ron B
Spider Bite

Allergic reaction to some foreign substance , take your dog to a vet so it could be treated, with cortisone shoots.

Alicia M
Is she outdoors a lot? Even a bee or wasp sting will swell up alot if she's allergic. I'd guess it must be some type of allergic reaction to a bite.
My dog loves to try and eat bees (or any other flying insect), and she's been stung a lot. She used to have slight swelling when stung... her body must be used to it now though.

Marilyn B
Cellulitis? Cellulitis can be caused by many types of bacteria. Was she playfully bitten by another dog, by any chance?

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