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 I have no pets and the house i have been living in for 7 months seems to suddenly have fleas. Is this possible
no opinions please. Just informed and educated answers please. Thank you.
Additional Details
i live in london- wish i lived in california- unfortunately not- i think they're in my ...

My whole body starts itching when I go to bed. What should I do?
Hi parts of my body including my head starts itching when I go to bed to sleep.

Joey Rocks

Maybe try different detergent /and or sheets. Maybe you need "allergy friendly" bedding.

maybe u need a oil massg b4 when u go to bed by a nice young lady

i agree with joye. scratch.
dont feel shy.

You might have developed very dry skin for any number of reasons. ( no humidifier, low grade fever due to cold,dry heating in house, etc..) Try taking a shower and apply a moisterizer while wet, I used GlysoMed. This has helped me after I got the flu with a mild fever. Good Luck with it.

have your gf pee on it...that relieves all kinds of itches

put lotion on
wash bed sheets
don't take hot showers
don't use harsh soaps.

Wash your sheets. If you have already done this you may need to switch detergent. You may also need to hire professionals to come in and clean your bed. You may be experiencing bed bugs. After that if you still itch when headed to bed you may be experiencing something psychological during bed time that may make you have the feeling of your skin crawling in which case you may want to see your doctor for advice.

You may be alergic to the laundry detergent, it sounds like that. Change that first, take a bath before bed time. exterminate the house, may be bed bugs or mites, which are heavy this time of year, depending where you live.

I agree with both Em La Gem & Brisbane Roo, after seeing this programe on the travel channel, about bed bugs on mattresses in big hotels, it freeked me out, so i started airing the mattress more often and exposing in to sunlight, you chould check that out.

My advice is to take a tsp of benadryl about an hour before you go to bed. It will notonly help you sleep, but it is an antihistamine, so it will stop the itching. Good luck

No one can answer without more detail and analysis, your medical history, your phisic, anti-biotics used for long period, and many more details to know your problem. i suggest you go to your doctor, and acquire some professional help. some allergies cause death so take care.

wash your ****

Em la Gem
Could also be dust mites.
Strip the bedding off your bed. Try to let your mattress and pillows sit in the sun for a few hours, and it will kill off the mites.
Keep your room well ventilated and airy.
If all else fails, try buying cotton sheets instead of polyester imports.

Get checked for Bed Bugs!!

if you don't know much about them, Google it.

You may need to get rid of your mattress.

Buy new sheets. You could be alergic to whatever your bedding is made of.

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