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My son woke up with eyes crusted shut?
does anybody know why this happens he seems okay he is getting a little cold but nothing major just a little cough and runny nose. should i be overly concerned about this?

See a doctor,
Drink alot of water....

Ms. Jo
Not at all.

The tear ducts produce small amounts of mucus. It probably just dried up in his sleep.

When i was a teen ager i had a problem with that...It stuck around for about a month...I didn't go to the doctor, and it did work itself out...But it never hurts to get a second opinion....

Increase the amount of water he is to drink, cease sugar in diet and dairy products until condition improves - or a low grade infection may be there or pink-eye. Pink eye is contagious and there will be mucus in the eye and they crust shut in the mornings.

its likely related to the cold

My son's tear ducts would get plugged when he was a baby. It would cause his eyes to get crusty. My doctor told me to put warm compresses on them and gave me some drops. My kids have also had a nice round of pink eye which caused this symptom. Pink eye is uncomfortable and required antibiotic drops. That is the only experience I have had with this.

Stacie♫ fan
'Sounds like a mix of pink eye and cold to me.

sounds like an eye infection, he may need drops from the Dr.to get over it


Occasionally happens to me, and sometimes its just a sty.. warm cloth a few times a day for a few minutes and it usually goes away after a day or two.

If he has a cold coming, I would try this, if it worsens, then take him to the doctor.

no,very normal with kids just apply warm faceclothes to his eyes before he goes to bed and when he wakes up and could also try natural tears (over the counter) to help keep the eyes more lubricated during the night.

He has blepharitis, inflamation of the eyelids. I had it once and my optometrist recommended washing my eyes with baby shampoo. Take a cotton swab, wet it and put some shampoo on it. Then wash the eyelashes. Pay particular attention to the bottom lashes. Do this twice a day until the condition has passed.... perhaps a week or 10 days.

Miami Lilly
It could be mucus being expelled through his eyes, or it's conjunctivitis(pink eye). If his eyes are pink, get him to the doctor, and wash his pillowcases. Make sure he uses his own towel an washcloth because it's highly contagious.

kirsten j
could be pink eye. i'd call his doc, to get his advise.

Uh-uh-uh Present
I used to get this all the time as a kid, and I can't remember the name of it! I think it's conjunctivits, but I'm not certain. Anyway, the pediatrician used to give me drops or cream, and it always went away in a couple of days. It's not serious, but it does need to be treated. I used to hate waking up and not being able to open my eyes, but I loved picking the crust off. Thanks for the remembrance! (Seriously)

Tina W
I would call if it happens tomorrow. I only know of pink eye causing that to happen.

No, its just pink eye...it used to hapen to me often when i was a child, but the doctor sent me these drops from bausch & Lomb, look into them for allergies, it cleared them out in like two days.

If his eyes were crusted shut it sounds like he might have an infection going on. If they are crusted again in the morning you may want to update the doc and see if wants to see him in the office.

If I were you, I would consult with the child doctor. This is only because I believe he needs more tests (e.g.) to be sure his vision is not be infected, at the same time.

This "crust" is actually drainage, which results from a blocked tear duct (some infants are born with a blocked duct). When the duct become blocked, it causes a clear, watery discharge from the eye because the tears can not drain properly.

When the tears dry, they form a yellow crusting on the lids and in the corner of the eye. Gentle cleansing with water is all that is needed.

There are some common diseases of childhoods that causes temporary tearing. This blockage of the tear duct can increase you childs risk of developing an eye infection.

So if the discharge is continuous, or you begin to see the white of the eye become reddened, treatment with antibiotic eyedrops, and the doctor may instruct parents how to gently massage along the corher of the baby's eye and along side of the nose to encourage drainage. If the drainage still does not clear up, am ophthalmlogist (eye specialist) may need to probe the duct, an operation (if the child is one year old) that is formed under general anesthesia.

If there is itiching of the eye, this may also occur because of an allergy. Proper treatment depends on the doctor's specfic diagnosis.

Hope this answer your question!

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