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ashley f
My son wakes up with swollen eyes what could this come from?

Allergies. Do you have any animals? Is your pollen count high in your area? Maybe he could take a bath at night if he doesn't already. Try giving him some allergy meds before bedtime and see if that helps.

Queen of the Dust Mites
Since the symptoms occur in the morning upon rising, that is classic dust mite allergy response. The dust mite is a microscopic insect closely related to spiders that live in our environment and feed off of shed human skin cells. The bedroom has the highest concentration of dust mites, because our bedding is full of our shed skin. The mites have a protein called Der F1 in their body carapace and feces. When your son inhales these microscopic particles, his immune system mis-identifies this protein as an evil enemy invader (Allergy is caused by a defect in the immune system - it is chronic - it can not be cured but it can be controlled). Once the misidentification occurs, a human immunoglobulin called IgE is produced and this in turn gets the mast cells to start production of histamine. It is the histamine that causes many of the symptoms. So, to stop the histamine production you have to stop the exposure to the allergen. It really is a lot easier than it sounds. I am giving you a link to a site that tells you alllllll about dust mites, a link that tells you how to set up a dust free room, and a link to this awesome stuff that I use to wash the mite allergen out of my sheets. I have severe dust mite allergy, but by controlling my exposure as these links talk about, I live symptom free and almost never need medication.
Take the time to read and then take action. Your son will feel so much better for it....and so will you.

Chicken in Black
It could be a dust mite allergy. Dust mites thrive in pillows and bedding, so you could try getting him hypoallergenic pillows and pillow cases to try and cut down on the dust mites.

Depends on how swollen. I would say a good percentage of people wake with a puffy face and 'morning' eyes that go away after being in a vertical position for awhile. My other guess is of course, allergies. Could be he's allergic to something in his bedding. Stuffed animals, his pillow, etc. but only if his eyes are also itchy, he is sneezing, has nasal drip, etc.

If it's just a puffy face and eyes he could just be a person with 'morning face' (which is what we call it in our family... LOL).

*♥* Chamomile Tea *♥*
Allergies. If you have a dog, or a cat he could be allergic. I don't recommend getting rid of the pet if you do, what i recommend is having your son use Allergie medication. It works wonders. I have four cats and two dogs, and i am highly allergic. I use Zyrtec, and Nasonex, and you can't tell i have allergies..

Also, your son may be allergic to dust mites, or something else that can be in the "bedding". My allergist told me what it was but for he life of me right now i cannot remember it. I'm sorry i can't but if i can, i'll add it later on. Best of luck, but it sounds like allergies that can easliy be "fixed".

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