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 Is similasan for pink eye any good? If not what?
I think I have conjuctivitis but also allergies.I went to 3 ophtomologists and what they gave me ( drops) did not help. I dont know what to do anymore. I have redness, swelling :(
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 Help !!! Please !!! Hay fever is doing my head in !!!?
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 Would a building built in 1857 w/ asbestos floor and roofing and heavy mold be hazardous to work in?
Also, there is no cental air/heat. Is this good or bad. Oh, and the windows don't open (except to fit the A/C units).
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No, this question is real. Some of the ...

 I have poison oak something awful. any suggestions in getting rid of it, its on my face eyes nose n mouth.?
i went to the er and they gave me 2 shots and breathing treatment scripts for steroid pack and itching pill. just want to sleep this myserable time away......

 My boyfriend's nose is always stuffed up. He uses nose spray at least four times a day for the last four month
I know you are only supposed to use it for three days at the most. It has gotten to where it bleeds but he wont stop using it because he cant breath. Why is it doing this? Has anyone had this before?<...

 Possible Marijuana Allergy?
I'm an avid concert attender, and well, a frequent activity at concerts would be the people toking up. I've gone to outdoor venues with minimal effects, but as soon as I went to my first ...

 Bad reaction to allergy medication?
i was feeling congested,so i took a generic allergy pill(equate i think it is,wal mart brand) i took 2,(it says 1 or 2) and soon after i felt a bit faint for the next couple hrs,went away later on. ...

 Is it right to get a cat if your son is deadly allergic?
My grandma has a just gotten a cat from her daughter. Now keep in mind that thhis doughter dosent like my dad. Well my dad is alergic to cats as well as he has asthma and one lung. Now my dad is the ...

 Is it an allergic reaction?
ok, so, I'm trying to figure out if i'm having an allergic reaction. I've been really itchy lately, and then when i got home i found red bumps on the back of my shoulders/ upper back, ...

 Why do my Allergies Flare up at Work?
Seems like at least once a week my allergies flare up at work; sneezing, sniffing, etc.

My room is quite bare, I do have a small palm tree in the corner, but I don't think they cause ...

 If u werent allergic to something before, can u come to be alergic to it laterr on in ur life?
my older brother waws never alergic to dogs when he was younger, and now when he goes to his gf's house h sneezes alot around the dog, and he gets itchy ...

 How do you know if you have a gluten allergy?
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 Good over the counter allergy med to rid sinus pain and eye puffiness?

 Are allergies hereditary?
Any kind of allergies, medicine, foods, outdoor... etc....

 Is it possible to be allergic to one particular nut? Pistachio? i am completely baffled! Please help?
Hi this might sound a bit like a strange one but i thought anyone who was allergic to nuts was allergic to any kind of nut wether its cashew, pistachio, walnut hazelnut etc, hence the reason there is ...

 How do u get hives?
yeah cuz my girl freind got hives after going to a party with out me..

so i need to ...

 There is something wrong with my eyes, my vision is blurry and they feel puffy, dry, and squinty?
If an eyedrop hits them wrong they sting realy bad and turn red all over. I do not have a vision problem and I don't wear contacts or glasses. What is this and how do I fix this?


 Always sick?
I can't leave home with any tissues because my nose is constantly running, or I'm sneezing (rarely coughing).

I don't eat breakfast.
I havn't exercised in awhile.<...

 Please translate' My daughter has a life threatening allergy to nuts, especially peanuts.' into Croatian.
We are travelling to Croatia and need a very accurate translation card to hand to waiters/chefs/shops to let them know that our daughter has a life-threatening allergy to nuts, particularly peanuts. W...

 What are some ways to get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?
I have a stuffy nose and I am sick of the irritation. Any help?...

Claire L
My son is constantly sniffing and clearing his throat...?
My 6 year old son is constantly sniffing and then clearing his throat , when he blows his nose there is nothing to come away his nose seems to be dry, he also makes a grunting noise as if he feels the need to clear his throat straight after sniffing. Ive have been to my GP numerous times in the past 2 months and finally he refered him to a ENT specialist,but in the meantime i am trying all ways to resolve this problem..Any body got any solutions???????

He could just be having a nervous thing and grow out of it.

They learn to do it, keep doing it and then they get into a habit. Try to ignore it and it will go away.

my son went through phases of different habit's such as clearing his throat all the time,and twitching his head.These thing's are called ticks which is a habit that ur child has got into try and ignore it I know it is hard but the more you go on about it the more the child seems to do it! so ignore it and say nothing and you will find that your child will stop doing whatever tick they are doing,my son stopped his when we ignored them. good luck xx

Just ignore it. My daughter went through a phase of doing that as did my nephew and my other nephew went through a phase of blinking too much. Kids are a bit weird sometimes! Best thing to do is distract him - maybe say "not that silly noise again" and then change the subject. Focussing on it will turn it into something real in his mind.

My daughter doesn't sniff or clear her throat anymore (she's now 11). Very occasionally she will if she's stressed or nervous about something.

You may want to contact an allergist? Have you tried giving him an antihistamine? That may help. If he has a post nasal drip it would cause the symptoms you described.

I have known people who have done this as a nervous habit or as a tick. You are on the right track with your GP, I hope you find your answer.

He will probably have his adenoids checked out. These are spongy tissues at that are located where the passage of the back of the throat and the nostril meet. They could be enlarged. It is a very common problem in children. It is not the most comfortable procedure. They take a long metal thing ( looks like a meat thermometer) and put it up their nose to take a look.

You can also try taking dairy out of his diet for a while to see if there is an allergy. Dairy can also irritate and enlarge the adenoids.

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