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 Swollen Puffy Eyes.. :(?
Okay, Im 12 and I went to bed at 9:15 last night, but this morning I woke up and i had black panda, puffy eyes?!

My eyes have been watering alot .

Is it hayfeaver?
Any ways ...

 Okay, I am afraid to eat anything?
I decided to see an allergist b/c of all the weird reactions I have to certain things (yogurt makes me itch for like 12 hours; something unknown is making me dizzy & making my heart go nuts at ...

 Teeny, tiny fluid-filled bumps on my fingers??
Recently I've noticed that these little clear, tiny bumps have been cropping up on my skin, more specifically on the sides of my fingers. They don't itch, and when I break them, a clear ...

 I get so anxious about my kids health,even coughs and colds get me all worried..what do i do??

 Whenever I do any exercise, my legs itch like crazy. Why?
Particularly when I am walking briskly, jogging or running it itches on my thigh area (like dozens of mosquito bites). Am I allergic to my own sweat, or is there another reason? How do I stop it ...

 My daughter just got diagnosed with food allergies, soy, wheat, and all nuts. Is there help out there?
High allergy to nuts and soy and moderate to wheat. Is there anyone that can help me out?
Additional Details
yea they are really allergies i really don't know where to look for ...

 Can drinking milk cause your immune system to reject an immunization?
Since the cows in America are administered a kind of hormone similar to that of steriods, can this have an adverse effect on your body?...

 I bought some non-drowsey sudefed medication and it makes me sleepy! Any ideas on why that is?

 I have had 4 nosebleeds this week...?
i have allergys is that it?...

 I wanna get rid of my sore throat!!!!help....?
its been pestering me for long time, i cant drink cold,eat sweet and spicy food coz i know when ill do it,more my throat ache. Im having a hard time in swallowing,i know when i gargle salt w/ warm ...

 My wife has an allergy which make her body inflated, how can I find here problem?
she use loratadin, and I think she has allegy to some substance in food, like those exist in ...

 I am allergic to dogs and have severe asthma what can I do?
I am getting married next week and have allergies to dog and asthma too. My soon to be husband has had the dog for 8 years and I am moveing in with the dog in a week what can I do to minimize my ...

 The best allergy pills to buy?
I have bad allergies at the moment, mostly stuffy blocked nose. What are the best pills to buy that do not make you drowsy?

Also does any one know any good alternative remedies for a ...

 How to stop nose bleeds?

 My eyes turn red, everybody said thats because of some allergy. Could u all plz tell me what kind of allergy ?

 Relief for mosquito bites?
I'm a bit more allergic to mosquito bites than the average person, so the bites usually swell up from sizes that range from half or the whole palm of my hand. Anyway, I was attacked by several ...

 Is anyone else allergic to something in Nesquik milkshake mix?
I know im allergic to something in Cola, but now im allergic to something i love, Nesquik Milkshake...
When i drink it, it makes my lip swell up and then it goes a yellowy colour with lumps... A...

 Okay nasal spray is not working anymore?
For the last 3 days, my nose has been soooooo stuffy! I had been using nose spray which helped, but now fot the last 3 days, I spray it up there, and it just runs down. I have tried the no drip, and ...

 Can I eat goat and sheep milk products if I'm allergic to "dairy"? Does dairy just mean cows?
I got blood work done by my Internal Medicine Doctor and he said that I'm allergic to Wheat, Eggs and Dairy. Does the "dairy" pertain to just cow milk products? or does it cover ...

 I love the taste of cider,but everytime i drink it i get a terrible headache.Can anyone tell me why this is.?

Additional Details
This happens after one glass....

My nose runs constantly all year round, what can I do to stop it?
I did to many drugs in the 80's and 90's and think I screwed my nose up. I t runs and runs, anyone have any idea how to stop it?


Make an appointment with an Allergist. Let them run environment / household allergy tests. Also, cut down on your protein intake---SOMETIMES too much can contribute to this problem.

Keep with the blow, you should know this if what you assert is true.

well do you have any allergies because sometimes thats whats wrong. i had the same thing you did and i took nasonex and it stoped after a couple of weeks.

I don't know but here is a forum where people who have done drugs ask questions and get help.
I asked your question for you on the forum. It should be posted soon. You can ask or see answers without joining.


You need to see the doc to find out for sure what is causing it. You may have allergies or some other problem that can be helped. Use benadryl aka diphenhydramine or Claritin aka loratidine until you can be seen by the doc.

Inner crying is the emotional cause of a runny nose - and being around people who rub you the wrong way cause allergies. Don't get caught up in a hopeless cycle of lifelong medications to solve this problem. Check out Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" to overcome it instead. It worked like a miracle on my own health issues and they are long behind me. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/You-Can-Heal-Your-Life/dp/0937611018/ref=pd_bbs_2/002-6555969-2663260?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1176303794&sr=8-2


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