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 Probably a really stupid question but...can you be allergic to ice and not water?

 Every single night around 9 o'clock i get this....?
Tickle in my throat and it makes me cough. Its been going on for a couple months now. Before that it was like 2 x a week. Now its every night. It even wakes me up after i fall asleep. I end up ...

 Just another Q. about allergies.?
Anyone else allerigic to Oranges or Lynx Africa, for that matter?
Additional Details
Thats good to know! I'm not a freak then. Haha. I feel sick when I eat them, even pure Orange ...

 I'm allergic to bees, does that mean I'm allergic to all types?
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What is better for a soar throat, hot stuff(soup, tea) or cold stuff like ...

 Do ramen noodles cause asthma or allergies that are related to asthma?
my moms friend think it does?...

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 I Need a nurses opinion, I cant breath out my nose every since i got my nose piercing,its always stuff up???
and My snot smells weird???...

 What in pistachios, cashews, and mangos makes somebody allergic to all three?

 Intense fear of needles (shots)?
I have an intense fear of needles (shots),I take allergy and steroid shots for severe allergies,at present they seem to be helping,I don't have nearly the allergies that I did before taking the ...

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 How come allergy medicines don't really work for me anymore?
I have had to take allergy medicine my whole life. I cannot seem to find a non-drowsy allergy medcine that works for me. I am allergic to animals with fur, and I not really sure what else I am ...

 I need help finding coconut-free cleaning/personal products. Also free of nut oil, sunflower & hopefully palm.
My baby has severe eczema despite a strict elimination diet on my part and tested positive for these allergies. Finding products to use on him and us is a nightmare so far. We are laundering with D...

 Is claritin good for sinus problems?
Ive been having sinus problems off and on... any over the counter meds good? Ive tried tylenol sinus and the sinus stuff you spray in your nose... any suggestions?...

 Do you pick your nose?
do you pick your nose.
this one user called mandude ...

 Whats the best for night time allergys?

 Overdosing allergy pills?
What will happen if I take two 24 hour allergy pills within one day?
Or if I take two different brands of allergy pills?

Will I just get drowsy? 'Cause I don't care...I ...

 I'm allergic to cats.. is there anything I can do or take to make me immune?
The thing is, A. I like cats, B. Most of my friends have cats and I wanna be able to go over their house without my eyes swelling up and my throat like closing, C. My brother's thinking about ...

 Any way to clear stuffy nose at home?????
ive been to the dr. 3X now!! ive been on 2 different kinds of antibiotics(didnt work)
EVERY OTC medicine u can THINK of!
hot showers arent working<...

 How can you know that you are allergic to bees and how can you avoid it?

#1 Monkey Minion
My nose always gets clogged (stuffy) every night. Anyone knows why?
My nose gets stuffy every single night for the past few years. I don't know why. It always one nostril. The left one (if facing me). It gets very annoying. I usually snort some nasal spray in the nostril that is stuffed and then it clears up but the other nostril gets clogged!!!. Then I spray that one and then I feel fine until the next night. The same thing happens. I'm not sneezing, my throat doesn't hurt. People tell me that it's not good to use nasal spray but what am I to do? not breath? Please help!!!

do you sleep with a lot of pillows or stuffed animals/things? because they harbor dust. so you might be allergic to the dust they have on them. change to one pillow and see if that helps any

breathe right nasal strips

Ivana S
Do you get stuffy during the day at all; you might have some mild allergies. If so, you might want to start taking a mild OTC decongestant.

If snorting nasal spray works, it sounds like your nose is dehydrated. Try drinking some more water and for more direct relief, you might try using a humidifier at night. The most direct way I know of moistening the nose is via nasal lavage kit. They sell these kits in drug stores. You literally flush water through your nose this way. Maybe one of these ideas will work for you.

Heather B
If it is just at night after you go to bed then maybe you are allergic to dust mites.

Lady Aqua Moon
My allergies is worse than yours but I do have the same symptoms. You are allergic to dust. When you lie down, your body can no longer let the nasal passages clear down your throat so it stays in your nose. NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER use OTC nose spray. I did for a while and my head started pounding like a bomb went off. That is stuff is really bad. You need to see a doc, and tell him you want Flonase or Nasonex. This stuff works especially for nighttime allergies. Trust me, I have been having allergies my entire life. It works.

Also, if you have some trouble during the day try some Zyrtec-D, it is the best in my opinion. It is an antihistamine and a decongestant too. Works wonders.

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