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 Why am i all the sudden allergic to my cats?
I've always been allergic to cats my throat gets itchy, i sneeze , and my eyes itch. My mom got 7 week old kittens in August and they didnt affect me at all except if they rubbed my neck then it ...

 Can someone just begin to have allergies (seasonal) as an adult?
i have had an onset of cold/allergies probably 4x since oct-i know if you have a fever than its bacteria-but if there is no fever how do you its just viral or the beginning of ...

 Whats it like coming off Prednisone after using it for an extended period of time?
In my case 3 months on 20 ...

 What do i do?? peanut allergy..quick!?
i jus accidently ate sum chocolate with peanuts in it and im allergic to peanuts, my throat is starting to feel tight and it hurts to swalllow..wat shud i do? i dont want to think its more serious ...

 Recommendations for lactose intolerance supplement?
What's good to take that will help me digest dairy?
Additional Details
I drink a lot of soy milk. I'm mostly vegan. I just want to have cheese a few times a year because it�...

 Why does my boston terrier have seizures?

 Is it possible to be allergic to change? (Money change.)?
This sounds weird, but I think I might be allergic to coins.

I almost never use actual money; I mostly use my debit card. But whenever I take a handful of change to the vending machine or ...

 Flem, I constantly keep bringing up flem, have to spit it out! eh?
I have had this ongoing problem at least a year or so now with flem and it's got much worse with the cold I have at moment, going into over week. I have not got to the bottom of this, only been ...

 Am I lactose Intolerant?
My brothers friend is lactose intolerant and he said when he drinks milk he vomits, and he said you have to vomit after drinking milk to be lactose intolerant.

But when i drink milk i get ...

 My child is allergic to codeine what medicines should i avoid?

 I'm lactose intolerant and...?
i want to have lemon meringue pie and i looked at the ingredients and it said it had nonfat dry milk. do you think it will affect me in any way or do you think i could have it?...

 What are the differences between allergies and sinuses?
I broke my nose years ago at my sinuses where I should have had surgery. I am not allergic to anything as far as I know, so I don't believe I have "allergies." But I am curious as to ...

 Snot in my nose?
hi i have a cold i blow my nose once really hard and it comes back the snot and again its empty and it comes back i dont want a cold my nose is kinda red i blow so hard doesnt make a difference and ...

 Allergic Reactions?
Hello, i'm babysitting my nephew for the weekend, and today, while he was playing outside with centipeeds and such, He seemed to have developed dark red bloches on the palm of his hands.

 Weres the most reliable place to get a food intolarence test done?

 Could my 9 month old have a sinus infefction?
she started snoring, she started waking up 2-3 times a night, she rubs her nose and eyes excessively at night while seemingly in pain and she sneezes ...

 Can people who are allergic to Penicillin eat blue cheese?
penicillin is made from a mold.. was wondering if they can eat cheese with mold in ...

 Can allergies be cured?

 How do I get relief from my allergies!?
I get really really bad allergies in the spring/summer time. I pretty much have allergies all the time, but they get worse then. Pretty much every time I go to the doctor and think I'm sick ...

 I sometimes sneeze so much that I go crazy, is this an allergy?
Whenever I enter a new room, or when I go out especially in the sunlight I start to sneeze like 4 5 times, what kind of an allergy can it be?...

My kitten keeps sneezing and seems to be congested will this clear up on it's own?
i just got my kitten four days ago and haven't found a vet yet. he also seems to be sleeping an awful lot is this normal? i'm so scared i love my kitten, is he like my baby. is this just a little allergies or something? please offer my some advice.

Sounds like he may have an infection. I suggest getting him into the vet as soon as possible. This is nothing to sneeze at- no pun intended. This can either turn out to be nothing or something serious. Kitties sleep less than adult cats during the day. He should be pretty active most of the time.

your cat IS SICK. go to the vet. don't call them, just show up first thing in the morning!!!

/agree with susan. also don't forget that he's in a new place so there are many new allergens for him.. not to mention he's young so his immune system isn't up to par. GL and have fun with your kitten =)

susan e
if your kitten sounds congested you should get him to a vet.the sleeping is normal for his age but congestion can be serious.he needs a check up, anyway it should be done anytime you get a new kitten.has he had any of his shots?

I want to keep up with this question because my mother has the same problem with her cat.

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