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My eyes are swollen and red from grass and hay allergies, what can I do to make them stop?
My eyes are itchy,swollen ang red. I took benadryl about 2 1/2 hours ago, and it's only gotten worse...

lewis k
Dont go near neither of them.

You can also use drops such as Opcon-A.
It probably won't help now (you'll have to go out to the store). Rinse them out, take a shower, and then use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Ice packs also help so that you can't rub your eyes.

my brother's eyes get red from pollen too. my mom puts in these really good eyedrops that help a lot. it is called visine. it comes in a small bottle. hope this helps!

Rainey Bee!
All you have to do is wet a towel and dab it around your eyes.
Get well soon!

Good luck!

Tim R
Shut the windows.

if you have already taken benadryl, then get some opcon-a or naphcon-a drops they are an antihistimine eye drop. i use them for severe allergies in addition to allegra and flonase they work fast and really give good relief. feel better soon!!!

Hooch A
I know that when I smoke grass,my eyes get red and I get hungry.

'Old & Cudley'
Go to the pharmacy and get Zyrtec over the counter for relief of outdoor allergies. Use cold moist towels on the eyes to relief the redness.

Featherz lol
eye drops..lol feel better

Don't rub/itch them, alternate cold and warm compresses on them to relieve the itching.

This may sound odd [and/or painful] but It's what I do when my eyes get swollen. Take a cotton swab and run it under cold water, the CAREFULLY pull out your lid with one hand and then wipe the inside [between your eyeball and eyelid] with the cotton swab. It should eleve the pain, and reduce swelling

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