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My eyes are red,and irritative. Is it affected dust particles?
I am working one factory purely releasing dust particles! Is it
affected my eyes?Please explain.My eyes are always red.I could not sleep freely in night.I am getting pain in my eyes.Can you give your suggestion?

mr saint
comeon man,, visit a doctor,, hurry up,, stop waisting time,,,
u eyes are very precious,,, dnt take a chance with them ,,,
pls,, hury up ???......

yup mayb...i'm also allergic to dust,even when i was sweeping my house...my eyes even swell n get watery sometimes...u should consult a doctor...n get a goggle to prevent the dust entering ur eyes...my doctor said,to reduce my allergy traditionally,i should avoid cold water...

please use a patch drenched in goatsmilk or cows milk to put on your eyes to comfort them
and at the job wear ski-gogles

joyce b
well it could be any thing u might have pink eye or it could be allergias or dust etc. u should go to the doctors immeditaly though because pain in ur eye is not good u no there is such thing as eye tumors and eye cancer HURRY STOP WASTING TIME GO TO THE DOCTORS NOW

U may have heard about occupational diseases.These r those diseases which r related to a particular occupation or work u r dealing with.Dust is primarially allergic in nature which may cause irritation to eyes, skin, nose etc.U should take help of a doctor and cure it in time before the problem becomes fatal.
Moreover u should complain the authorities or the safety team about the trouble u r facing.If it is due to ur occupation then they should provide personel protective equipments[PPE].

ganesh n
go and see an eye doctor immediately,i think in futuer ur eye may be badly affected this dust particles,so go.

Irritation is caused mainly by dust particles. Safety glasses are necessary as per safety norms.
Wash your eyes thoroughly after work and soothe them with cucumber. If irritation persists , see a doctor immediately and use prescribed eyedrops.

Yes, it probably is effecting your eyes. Does your workplace have safety goggles? If not, they should.

All those little particles are getting into your eyes and scratching them, so you would be having trouble even if you aren't allergic.

Good luck!

get goggles to protect your eyes so no dust can get into them.
Use sterile eye drops to wash the dust out every few hours.
See an eye doctor.

It is allergic and consult your ophthalmologist right now.

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