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 How do you get allergies to stop?
I try a lot of different medicicines but they don't work. HELP Please!
Additional Details
Did i mess up writing these? I was in a hurry to get something....

 How to get rid of sore throat? lozenges didn't work.. please give me some good advise?
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Is food allericing can you get rid of them my mom says NOOOO!!!!!!!!!...

 Do you go to hospital if you have eaten a food product your allergic too?
Say if your allergic to egg and you eat it do you have to go ot hospital if your been sick bad stumach pains and having trouble breathing?

Additional Details
I wasnt havin the ...

 What are hives?
When I wear this one shirt I have I get an itchy rah on the back of my neck. I know, don't wear the shirt, but now I've notived a bump on the front of my neck after wearing the shirt that ...

 My sons allergies are really bad, runny nose swollen eyes any home remedies?
His eyes swell and run, he also sneezes back to back....

 I am lactose in tolerate, will soy milk make me congested?
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 Does putting a penny on a wasp sting help? Why if yes?
What is reacting with what to cause the benefit?...

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 What is involved in an allergy test?
How do they perforn an allergy test?I am due to have one soon/As much info as possible please.No silly answers....

 What is the most effective ways to quit smoking?

 Anyone has kids with allergies/eczema who gets very itchy at night and barely sleeps?
My daughter has eczema and allergies and wakes up all the time, scratching... She is 4 and also gets the hives... It is very frustraiting....

 I just had allergy testing done this morning (where they poke your back with different allergens) & my back is
real sore is that normal???...

 Why does orange juice make my throat itchy?
I can eat oranges no problem. I have no idea why, but whenever I drink orange juice, my ears and throat get itchy. Do they put anything in it that could cause this? ...

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 I am suffering form asthma pls suggest me from following detail?
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 I've heard allergy tests(to see if your alergic to something)hurt really bad and are pointless, is this true?
i've heard allergy tests(to see if your alergic to something)hurt really bad and are pointless, is this true?...

 How do you, like, find out exactly what you're, like, allergic to?

 On the skin allergy tests. Have you had one?
The other day my docotor recommended that i have a skin allergy test done. However, I'm worried that they'll find something that will give me a serious reaction. For those of you who have ...

 I have paper towel stuck in my nose, how do I get it out?

Sarah C
My Nose runs ALL THE TIME and it has for months! What's the cause? How can I make it stop?
I'm otherwise healthy, am a light smoker and notice that it is worse in winter, but does not exclusively happen in the winter. It is also much worse when I am trying to eat. I literally blow my nose every 10-15 minutes, it seems (I'm not congested, though, it's just runny)! I'd like to make it stop but do not wish to take a medicine daily for the rest of my life for it, you know? I've heard of this being a side effect of chemotherapy, but I've never had chemo. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome. It seems like such a silly thing, but it is driving me crazy, I'm going through several boxes of tissues a week!

In the Kitchen
You're willing to smoke but not take medicine for the rest of your life????

Could be allergies. Give up the smoking. Then have allergy tests....may be something like dust, mites, etc.

Pretty Princess
I think you should keep little packets of tissues and keep blowing real hard and it might go.

stop using tissues it is in your head i had that

‚ô•Celebrity Hotline‚ô• (Thumbs up!)
Like me, you have allergies. what helps is nasal spray tho.

same here but its been going on for 3 years and im looking for an answer to! vita. c helps me some. maybe it would help you.

Chris P
Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and try to keep warm and dry. Perhaps try vitamins to help.

it could be the change in the weather or like some others have said maybe you have developed an allergy to something new.

my nose has been running alot more over the last 2 months probably, I think it has to do with winter coming and the change in the atmosphere and the temps getting cold at nite and warmer in the day.

I think you probably have a dust allergy. Dust and vacuum your house thoroughly at least once a week including knick knacks, stuffed animals curtains, and furniture. Get your air ducts professionally cleaned. You can try a heppa filter type air cleaner in your bedroom. Go to the health food store and buy a homeopathic remedy called Nat Mur. Nat Mur redistributes the water in your body and should help with the drippiness.

you probably have allergies

It could be some sort of allergy. I did know someone whose nose ran all the time and he thought he had allergies for years and then it was REALLY running a lot and the doctor finally took a diabetes urine or blood testing strip and tested the fluid for glucose and it tested positive, which meant it was BRAIN FLUID. He wound up having a brain tumor!! I hope this is not what you have.

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