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Itchy & red watery eyes + runny nose + sneezes every time i wake up?
itchy & red watery eyes + runny nose + sneezes every time i wake up since last 5/6 yrs, i am 30 now, can some1 help, i live in dubai
thnx in advance

sounds like you need an electronic air purifier.
Filtrete is a good one it rids the air of allegens,
pollen etc.

well the best i can tell you is that you have allergens in your sleeping area. it could be dust, mold, etc. you have to get rid of whatever is causing the allergic reaction. i find that using a humidifier and sleeping with an open window can help sometimes. good luck!

my brother 2 had the same problem. we took the help of homeopathy at dr.batra's in india and after 2 yrs of medication my brother has got rid of it.
tip :- if u huv carpets and use blankets wile sleeping in ur home pls stop doing so as the carpets and blankets attract dust particles in air.when u r sleeping if the blanket is close 2 ur nose then u may inhale the dust which inturn causes sneezing, cough and burning/itching of ur eyes

sounds like allergies. The place you live has it been in the last 5 years that you have lived there? There may be mold or something in the house pillows, trees, pollen that are irritating you.

I would suggest going to the eye doc or an allergist to determine the cause. Until then get eye drops and think about changing what you can in your environment.

I can relate I had problems and then had to move kept on taking eye drops to alleviate the symptoms and now living somewhere else I have been OK without them and watery eye free!

Like many other people answering this question, I believe it is in your environment, perhaps your heating and ventilating system.

One natural cure for detoxifying your home is to use Melaleuca Oil commonly known as tea tree oil in a vaporizor (cold air makes it last longer, but you can run a warm vaporizor with very good results as well). Tea Tree oil kills staph, strep, e.coli, bacteria, virus, Candida and fungus, so by putting 1 oz in the heater register or using a diluted spray in and around your sleeping area will probably aid in ridding your home of environmental allergens. I also know of a natural Thyme oil
product called Sol-U-Guard that is known to kill even the HIV-1
virus, made by Melaleuca, Inc. If you'd like more detailed info, please e-mail me and I will be glad to share what I know.
Allergies run through my entire family and you may also need an Immune System Boosting Supplement. I take one called Activate that is very good at helping me stay healthy. You may also want to consider taking diphenhydramine (or Benadryl) befopre going to bed. As for your eyes, there are some OTC
allergy eye-drops, but if they are not effective within the first few days, definately see an eye doctor as you may have conjunctivitis that can be treated by Rx eye-drops.

First though, consider de-contaminating your entire home and consider using hypo-allergenic pillows and bedding instead of down pillows or comforters, along the same line, try removing wool blankets from your bed as this may help considerably.

Dust mites may also be the cause, in which case the Melaleuca Oil (or Tea Tree Oil) will certainly help you.

Good Luck and Be Well.

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
Go to a doctor to have yourself tested for allergies.

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