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George T
Itchy ears and throat after eating fruit?
this is probably almost everytime that when i eat cleaned or peeled fruit, my ears and throat will start itching after 5 minutes. I don't understand why it's happening to me, but I never had such a problem before. What can i do?

Is it the same fruit? I would expect you developed an allergy to that particular fruit. If it's multiple kinds of fruit, that would be weird to develop an allergy to multiple kinds of fruit at the same time.

do some test on your self see what fruits bother you.it sounds like a allergy problem.go for some tests and see.but ill be you you its not fruits.its the pesticides used in protecting the fruits.this happens to many people.

You are probably allergic. It's probably not to all fruit apples, pears and peaches and cherries are closely related. But not at all related to bananas, kiwis or oranges. Within each family you may be more or less allergic. For instance my husband is allergic to eggplant, but not allergic to potatoes if they are peeled and cooked and a small reaction if he eats a lot of tomatoes in a concentrated form like spaghetti sauce. These are all in the same family.
You need to go to a good allergist (ask around) and get checked. You may get more allergic to these things as time goes on -watch out and read labels on things like fruit juices, they almost always are a mix of apple and other fruits.
Good luck!

I used to have the same problem. I always assumed it was some kind of allergy. The worst offenders for me were apples and peaches. In addition to the ears and throat, my lips would itch and swell a bit. Oddly enough, eventually the allergy just went away.

I know this isn't much of an answer, but I thought it might help at least to know that someone else had the same problem !

you are most likely allergic to the fruit.

it happens to me too, but i've been told that it isn't an allergy. i don't know exactly what it is though.

left_sock_ missing
allergies can develop at any time at any age. I use to eat apples all the time now I do the same I am allergic. I decided not to try it again since it felt like my throat was going to swell shut and I really really like breathing

Kenyon P
Break to fruit down into a category. Tropical, Apple, Berry. Anything you eat that makes you itch up to 30 minutes after eating is a allergy. But it is not severe until you notice swelling. Try a histamine.

allergies to any fruit exist. they can develop over time, so even if you didnt have it before you could now.... see an allergist, its the safest option if this happens often. maybe if you have the fruit cooked it wont react? you'll have to check everything - which fruits, what kind of reaction, etc.

You could be allergic to the fruit you're eating - see an allergist.

What you are experiencing is most likely oral allergy syndrome. It causes people to have itchy mouths after eating certain fruits. Usually if the fruit is cooked, it no longer causes an allergic reaction. It is often related to having other allergies to pollen. Here are some websites that have some info on oral allergy syndrome.


Try eating the fruit cooked (like a baked apple) to see if it still causes a reaction. An allergist will be able to help you determine if you do have oral allergy syndrome. You could also try taking an antihistamine before you eat the food to see if it makes any difference. This is not a permanent solution though, because if you actually are allergic, those fruits should be avoided.

Good luck!

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