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Is there a "best climate" to live in for chronic sinusitis sufferers? Am desperate for some relief! THANKS!!
I have heard of, and have experienced, worsening symptoms in a cool, damp, foogy type of climate typical of the California central coast region. Has anyone else experienced this? The chronic sinusitis is due to severe, yearlong allergies. Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

The cold dry climate of Antarctica is the best place, apply to work for the National Science Foundation at McMurdo Station or South Pole Station

Dry climates such as Arizona

i can't answer your question directly, but i do have a freind who had sinus surgery after years of suffering and he declares it changed his life. he is very happy and much much better.

When you find out where it is, please let me know. My wife suffres from the same thing. And also gets sinus infections from the sinusitis. I myself suffer from sinus neuralgia, very painful thing.

Jeebus B.
You know, I don't think that it's that simple. I also suffer terribly from this. I live in LA, and the dryness, smog & dust all kill me. But this summer, I went to Cape Cod, and was there for a week, and that is one DAMP, COOL PLACE, and you know what? I still had problems!
I'll tell you what helps the most, in my experience: Nasal Irrigation. Just washing your nose out with water and maybe some salt. The best product I've found is called NeilMed. It's a plastic bottle, and has a bunch of little packets of solution you mix with the water. You can order it on-line (just type in Neil Med into google, and you'll find it) and they also sell it at some drug stores. Do this 2 or even 3 times a day, and it helps. IT DOESN'T MAKE IT GO AWAY. I'm afraid nothing makes it go away, it's all about managing it.
As an aside, I don't think that drugs help. My doctor just yesterday gave me some antibiotics, but I've never found them to help. They help with sinus INFECTIONS, but I think sinusitus is more of an INFLAMATION than an infection.
Yeah, try the NeilMed. Really do it twice a day for at least 2 weeks and see if it helps. I know it sounds kinda gross, pushing water up yournose, but it's actually quite refreshing.
Feel free to contact me!

I don't have much to offer you in the form of an answer. I can tell you that I feel your pain. I live on Long Island (NY) and it is said to be the worst place to live if you have allergies or sinus problems. I suffer all the time and this past week has been the worst in recent memory. My 3 year old now has a sinus infection.

Feel better. I've heard dry climates are best for people like us. Easier said then done...I'm in no positon to uproot right now.

Well as a life long sufferer myself I can tell you from experience there really is no such place. Sorry. No, not even the poles or Arizona. Problem is we take our environment with us wherever we go. There was a time when places like Phoenix or Denver would give us refuge. But people moved to those places and planted trees and brought their pollution with them. So, we suffer from environmental allergies and cronic sinucitis. Get some good advice from a reputable doctor who specializes in allergies and sinus problems. Good luck, and if you find an answer e-mail me, I would be eternally grateful.

Arizona I believe Is one of the best places, A friend of mine was told by his Dr that ,That Arizona was the best place for him to go for his.

country nana
I live in Texas and I have the same problem. All year long. Never any relief. I lived in Wyoming for 10 years and never had this problem. The dry cool climate is much better.

Mad Roy
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine has good info and advice on this kind of problem. Dry climates are probably best. Mold and pollen are more common in warm moist environments.

Rather than looking for the best place to live why not treat the problem. I use to suffer severe sinusitis and hay fever, then had a couple of treatments for it using acupuncture. That was 10 years ago and occasionally I get hay fever and go back to the acupuncturist for a treatment( usually every 3-4 years).

I hope this helps

Places like Arizona used to be recommended for sinusitis and all kinds of other breathing/lung problems. Desert areas, b/c of their dryness and relative lack of trees/flowers, can help. However, many parts of Arizona have become more populated with people, and people have planted flowers, trees, etc., so you would need to choose a place that isn't too park-like.

im allergic to just about everything u can think of just about n i have asthma...ive found that the best place for me is in my clean dust free house that i keep cool..i also use flonase n astelin,n a saline solution n zyrtec for my allergies n sinusitis..i was also told that by my nose being broke by a past abusive relationship has alot to do with the seriousness if the problem..they suggest surgery to rebreak my nose n realign it but thats ok i do ok with the treatments i take

usually, drier climates are better because they keep the nasal passages dry, which cuts down on the amount of runny nose and post nasal drip. also, moister climates which are more humid/have more water grow plants quicker and in more abundance, so therefore, the amount of pollen/dust/ragweed/etc that causes the allergy is more plentiful. however, dry climates have their drawbacks too - there is alot of dust in the air and alot of different things floating in the air that can cause allergy symptoms. but for sinusitis, dry climates seem to be better simply for the drying out characteristic...also in the summer (hotter) months there tends to be less stuff floating in the air to trigger the sinusitis...only time it is really bad is when there are fires burning. i moved from california to vegas and noticed that my allergies cleared up noticeably within 4 months or so of being here...not as many allergy attacks and not as many runny and itchy noses. much better!

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