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Is similasan for pink eye any good? If not what?
I think I have conjuctivitis but also allergies.I went to 3 ophtomologists and what they gave me ( drops) did not help. I dont know what to do anymore. I have redness, swelling :(
Additional Details
Also how many times a day do I use it? It didnt say on the box?

if you went to 3 doctors and didn't follow up with any of them that is your first mistake. If your eye itches then it is probably allergies. They probably gave you patanol to take 2 x daily. You have to use it for a few days to get any relief. If your eyes are just pink you may have a viral infection which goes away in 7-10 days. Your best bet is to stick to one doctor and go to your follow up appointments

First off, keep your hands off your face, out of your eyes, and keep them and everything you put near your eyes and face CLEAN. Yes Samilisan is a good product, and you may wish to also rinse your eyes with plain saline solution, as used with contactlenses. Make sure that if you wear contacts, you do NOT use those from while your eyes are irritated or infected. Replace them!
Of course, use cool wet washcloths, or warm ones if they feel more soothing. This is one of those things which feel like they take forever to get over-with. You'll feel better if you settle down and don't worry and fret so much. Nerves don't help either, you know.
(Hey, how can you afford to go to three opthalmologists?)

I tried it. Used the whole bottle. Still have problems. I also use Visine, or a generic form of it. But this brand of earwax removal aid is good.

Must be something in the air(pollen, dust mites) or something in eye makeup that is the cause of my condition with eyes. I've changed out the eye makeup too a few times, hasn't helped.


Pink eye should always be looked at to make sure it isn't more serious or due to a strep infection or a dangerous eye condition that could make you lose your sight over time (Can't remember the name of it.) I have used it and it worked... but you should always go to the doctor to be sure...

Homeopathic medications are okay but not just for anything.

if the drops the ophthalmologists gave you didn't help, try seeing an allergist.

YES! i used similasan for viral conjuctivitis and it worked wonderfully!! give it a full day to completely take effect. i think that same company makes ones for conjuctivitis due to allergies too. its strange the opthamologists' prescribed eye drops didn't work. you need to be patient with eye problems, they take a while to resolve.

Yes,Similasan works wonderful for pink eye trust me because I have used it EVERY TIME that I have had pink eye,and it has gone away within a few days! I would use 2-3 drops every four hours in each eye,or until your eyes start to feel better. While it is true that you should see your doctor if your pink eye is really bad,I have found that the stuff that my doctor has given me is more expensive and doesn't work as well as the Similasan Pink Eye Relief Drops do! If your pink eye symptoms don't seem to be getting any better,than I would go to your family doctor and have them give you some medicated eye drops,to get rid of the pink eye totally! I hope this has been helpful and I hope you start to feel better really soon!! ;-)

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