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Is my child allergic to my new dog?
3 year old. Rash started two days after getting new puppy. No fever. Rash only on torso. May or may not itch. I have not changed dertergent or soaps or anything. Could this be an allergic reaction to the new puppy?
Additional Details
He had a headache and a stuffy nose before we got the puppy.

i thnk it might be but you should see a doctor

Amy M
It could definitely be an allergic reaction to the puppy. Is there any way to separate your child from your puppy for a day or so to see if it goes away? After it goes away, you could reintroduce the child and puppy to each other and see if he breaks out again. Of course, allergies can be pretty dangerous, so you might just want to check with your pediatrician.

My wife recently took my 8 year old son to his pediatrician. They took a blood sample from him and forwarded it onto an Allergy specialist. From the Blood Sample, the doctor was able to diagnose a lot of allergies that I didn't know could be deduced from blood. So go schedule an appointment with your pediatric doctor and see if they can do the same for your child.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
could be, watch for your kid to start scratching their eyes and sneezing, if so it is allergies

yes it can because even though she might not be allergic to your detergent but she could possibly be allergic to the dog

Mo the treehugger!
Could be an allergy to pet or a chemical product on the pet, such as a flea collar, puppy shampoo, flea powder. Also, check puppy for fleas while you're at it, could be biting baby. Definitely take baby to doctor, in the meantime, try some medicated powder (if the rash in not weepy or wet) to help relieve itching. Or calamine lotion.

possibly however not probably. Go see a doctor, it could just be a rash. I had a rash on my stomach when the temperature dropped to 10 F for a week. The dr saw it and i got a cream...end of story

only time will tell and only you will know

It could well be. Try and think of any other changes. Could it be a product you've bought because of the dog, rather than the dog itself, such as dog shampoo, dog food?

If it really is the puppy, and you want a breed of dog that won't aggrevate any allergies, research Labradoodles. Yes they are pricey, but won't bring on any allergic reactions.

Quite possibly. Your dr can do a scratch test to determine if it is or not. But you should probably get rid of the dog.

yes. You can have your child tested or try an at home test. Take away the puppy for a few days and see if the rash disappears. If so, bring the puppy back and see if it reappears. You'll have your answer.

It definately sounds suspicious. We had to give away our kittens because my husband was allergic and we didn't know. it started off with sniffles and a few weeks later hives. Your 3 year old will definately get worse and other symptoms if it is dog. The dander will build. My kids..also 3, 5 and 7 we upset but understood the cats were making him sick. If you have to give away the puppy your 3 year old will hold up better than you might think -especially if he/she meets the new pet owners. I'm sure you've heard of hypo-allergenic dogs. We ended up getting a yorkie-about the size of a cat anyway! While technically there is no such thing as allergy free dog, my husband is doing fine-he got scratched once and broke out in small red itchy dots around the scratch only-poss. broken skin?But no sneezing or itchy eyes etc. With a yorkie (hair) we can bath him 2x a week if we want. ( I like the idea of a clean dog around kids anyway) . He also can 't make it up the stairs to the bedrooms. A good idea anyway if you are suspicious of allergies. keep your 3 yr. old's room dog- free for the time being. But like everyone else's suggestion...an allergist ..and time will tell for sure.

Could very likely be. I really wouldn't worry too much yet tho if there is no fever and the symptoms don't get worse. I have heard this happen to several people in my office and it happened to me when I got a cat....for the first week or two I was allergic to my cat and then my body got used to it and I was fine. If you know your child isn't allergic to Benedryl try giving him/her a dose and see if that helps. If so, I would wait it out a few days unless it started getting worse. I also know a lady who takes prescription allergy medicine every day because she loves dogs so much but is allergic. Moms know what's best for their kids...so follow your gut feelings!!!

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