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chain chain the jet plane
Is it possible to get more allergic to things?
RIght now I'm allergic to ant bites. Like if an ant bites me, like even a regular black ant, the area gets swollen up to twice its size and the area turns purple and for the first 2 days I have to take steroid type medication to reduce the swelling and then for 10 days I have to take an antibiotic but like this has happened 3 times so far when I've gotten bit. But when I was younger, I never had reactions. Like when I was 6 or 7, I first got bit by an ant and nothing happened except maybe a small itchy bump that went away in a few days. It happened after that too. Then one day when I was like 10, I got bit and it got the reaction, and has been happening ever since. Why is that? Will it get worse?

Sure it is. People aren't born with allergies, they develop over time. They could be mild and stay mild or they could worsen, or even go away completely.

Unfortunately, the older you get the more allergies you'll have and the worse the reactions will be. Allergic reactions are you immune system attacking what it sees as an invading germ. The older you get, the more your immune system reacts. I've noticed that certain things make my allergies worse. I have mostly food allergies and so long as I don't eat two things I'm allergic to at the same time, I'm OK, but if I eat two or more things, I get really bad.

Eventually, you'll need to carry an epi pen in case you go into a really bad reaction and can't breathe.

I got more allergic to bug bites then when I was younger.
I think the transition started when I was a little over forty. I sold a 25 acre woodlot in New Hampshire because of this and this year I skipped picking blackberries with my grandson. I have to see a dermatologist now when I get bites. He prescribes clobetasol a steroid to put on the bites and something like hydroxyzine a strong antihistamine for itch. Even with this treatment it can take several weeks to cure and discoloration may remain for up to 6 months.. It's a bummer, I don't even dare walk across a field any more.

So with me it started much later but it has gotten worse. I have no idea how an allergist would explain it and I don't know.

have to keep searching I guess, I'll star the question and come back and see if anybody has other ideas.

Allergies get worse with more exposure. What this means, to a person suffering from those allergies, is that the more exposure you have, the more your body thinks that it needs to fight them off, and the more histamines build up in your system.

Also, the ants in your area (or if you moved) may be on the ground, in the dirt, grasses, leaves, etc. that is something you're allergic to, or have become allergic to.

Allergies are like poison Ivy it gets worst as time goes by. So the answer is yes.

Yes, the more times you are exposed to allergens the more your body will react.

The digestive system seems to be the key to controlling allergies. Many people find that when they take digestive enzymes daily their body is better equiped to digest foods, causing less strain on the body and as a result less allergic reactions.

Intollerance to things does not always show up as an allergic reaction, in some cases it shows as an auto immune disorder as has been shown many times with people who suffer wheat or Casein protein intollerances.

omg this has been happening to me lately , im being bitten by something and swelling and re-action is bad , everyday i have this , im thinking its mozzies or midges ,i never re-acted like this before only the last 3 months.hugs for you i feel your suffering

chelsea <3
im not that medical to be able to tell why the reaction is happening. but i have the same thing as you. i am allergic to a type of fish, and i wasn't when i was smaller. i remember eating it, but now when i do i get all swollen and thats not fun.
i can't say i know whether or not your allergy will get worst, but remember it could get better too. some people, especially when you have the allergy when you are more adolescent years...you grow out of the allergy. of course on the other note, people with bee sting allergies have it bad. a few times are not to bad, but after a time, a bit could kill them.

i do not think ant bites are as serious as bee stings, so dont freak out on me.

im not sure how old you are now, and i dont reallly know the age that shows you are growing out of it. but there is a chance. yours sounds like pretty serious reaction. but there is always a chance it will get better. usually if your body is allergic to something (like really allergic) reactions do get worse. i think that could be why you remember just getting small bumps. sounds just like beginning symptoms.

if i were you, and this is really something that concerns you, go to see an allergist. i know many allergists who specialize also in internal medicine, and they can give you a diagnosis that fits you best. after running tests they may be able to tell you what chances you have of outgrowing the allergy, or what you can do to prevent any further major outbreaks.

also, try to stay away from ants. your past reactions really dont seem that pleasant, so until you talk to a professional, i would stay away from picnicking.

well, i hope at least some of this information helped. damn this is like a fricken book i wrote you here....sorry bout that darling.

It will probably get worse if you don't treat it at all and if you're constantly exposed to it. Allergies are no good ): sorry for your sufferings. Ask your doctor about some medication you can take. Good luck!

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