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Ambie SIZZ!
Is it possible to all of a sudden develop an allergy towards dogs?
Over the past week I've noticed that after being near either one of my dogs, I end up red eyed, sneezing, watery eyes and a scratchy throat. I've been around dogs near enough my whole life and never had a problem, so is it possible to suddenly develop an allergy such as this, or is it just coincidence?
Additional Details
Oh my, yes, I'm certainly going to keep my dogs. I plan on becoming a vet, see, so I don't know if it would effect this.

Romessa M
um well have you been touching them lately or getting near them more?If yes then yes it is possible to get alergies.

Allergies are reactions to chemicals in your physical makeup.
Since our bodies change completely every seven years then our chemical makeup changes and when a conflict occurs we develop an allergy.
I did not become allergic to shellfish until I was and adult and it did not get severe enough to cause a bad reaction till I was in my late 40s.
I developed an allergic reaction to alcohol in my 20s but I did not know till my 50s that was what caused me to drink so much. now that I have stopped putting alcohol in my system, and shellfish in my system I have no allergic reactions.
I developed an allergy to my dog in my early 50s but I found that if I washed my hands after petting and play time, I did not get a reaction.
If I did not wash and then touched my eyes, I got a reaction.
Keep your dog and wash your hands when you are through playing. Take a Benadryl if necessary, but keep your pup.

Yes when my sister got older she became allergic to cats. Like out of the blue. But when we were younger we had 2 pet kittens and there was no sign of her being allergic. But now it's completely different.

yes i think it is possible. you could go to a doctor to be sure though.
my mom's fiancee used to be able to eat all kinds of fruits and veggies until he got older and started having bad reactions to them.. it was strange.

Hey there,

Last year I noticed all the same symptoms occurring with me. Scratchy throat, really swollen eyes. It was awful. I put it down to my hay fever. But i began to realize that it occur ed after I ate apples, and funny enough, i ate an apple, and had a reaction. I went to the Dr's, and they said I had developed an allergy to apples, and developed Oral Allergy Syndrome. This also meant i had the same reaction to pears, plums, almond nuts. He said people can just develop allergies any point in their lives. So, it is possible to develop a sudden allergy, such as yours with dogs.

Take antihistamines everyday, this will ease thesymptomss daily.

Take care, hope i helped.

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