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 Would it be allergies if...?
Everytime you eat anything with cheese in it, you get a really bad stomach ache and have to go to the bathroom?
Or greasy food?

Or what would it be?...

 Do you think some one with allergies to cats would be allergic to ferrets?
I was told ferrets were feline! then I was told bey my teacher they were in the canine family!! so I dont know! is anyone allergic to cats and not ferrets?
Additional Details
ok thank i ...

 My husband is suffering from a severe case of seasonal allergies. How can we find out what he is allergic to?
We've tried herbal remedies, i.e. grapeseed extract, allergic tonic and etc. However, they don't seem to be that effective. He's used Zyrtec in the past and it was helpful. I am ...

 I ate a bowl of fruits and gave me diarrhea?
This morning I had for breakfast a bowl with chopped fruits: melon, papaya and apple. After 3 hours I felt my stomach upset, went to the restroom and I had diarrhea. Now my stomach feels like in war ...

 Are nose bleeds something to worry about?
My 12 year old son keeps getting nose bleeds. He never had them before and now all of a sudden he is getting them and he has had at least 5 in two weeks. Also, they bleed pretty badly. Should I be ...

 My allergies have been driving me insane what to do?
I can't hardly function I am rubbing my eyes, sneezing and blowing/wiping my nose so much! I have tried several different things the 24 hour claritin, a sinus allergy medicine and they didn'...

 If you were allergic to meat???
ofcourse there is eggs, rice and pasta but, what else?? You need protein!! What would YOU eat?...

 Is it dangerous to be breathing in my house while the wall is green from water getting in?
Its like grosse, it kinda smells too, is it bad to inhale mold, ...

 Ok i just got tested havent got the results back yet but......?
what do you think the chances are for me to have asthma im just wondering what you think , my doctor has said i have the syntoms for it so what do you think?
Additional Details
syntoms: ...

 What is the best allergy medicne ?

Additional Details
mostly like hay fever I guess they call it, like the pollen and stuff in the air, can't avoid it :(...

 How do you get rid of a cold faster?
I have a really sore throat and have a cold. I have orange juice, benedryl, cough drops,allergy tablets, vix, suphedrine, and cold-eeze cough drops. What would be the best to use and is there ...

 Can a childhood allergic reaction return in adulthood? Hives?
I have a medical question. When I was 12 till about 18 years of age I had a terrible reaction to "something" which resulted in itchy hives all over the back of my arms and thighs. I ...

 My dog has lots of lumps on nose which are bleeding and seem to irritate her could this be allergy?

 If a Mosquito bit and took blood while you were stoned,would insect also get stoned/drunk?. Paul Miller Thanks

 Trying to stop drinking coffee?
On average everday I have a cup of coffee to start my day, on weekends usually more. I decided to quit drinking coffee,for many different reasons and after about the 3rd day I felt like I couldn'...

 How can i cool my body? sometimes in midnight I am feel like burning, and itching starts. Allergy?

 Anxiety or allergies?
i started breaking out with (what looks like)hives, SOB, and swelling lymph nodes. Even stranger than this....when i have these episodes...confusion, and lumps (quarter size) also develop on my scalp ...

 Advice Please! I think my son has skin allergies.?
My son has had skin issues all of his life. He breaks out into this red itchy rash all over. It is always worse in the spring and summer. It's still around the rest of the year, just not as bad. ...

 How does someone get rid of allergies?

 I had a reaction to lobster! Should I not eat any shellfish or just lobster?
I had a reaction to lobster when I was a kid. I ate one bite and broke out in hives. Then, 20 years later, I had an entire lobster and had a very bad reaction. My throat was so swolen I could barely ...

Is it okay to take two zyrtec in a 24 hour period?
my pharmacist said that i shouldnt do this, as well as the back saying take one every 24 hours, but after 15 [or so] hours from the first one, i felt the effects of allergies back. impulses had me take another. they're 10 mg. i dont think [enphasis on 'think.'] it's a big deal, but my anxiety feels the need to figure out for sure.
Additional Details
after reading the answers, i dont think i stated well enough that its said and done. i took it like 30 minutes before i posted this. just wondering whats going to happen now.

probably, some ppl take 2 at once

Paramedic Girl
No. You are to only take one per 24 hour period.

10 mg is the highest dosage available.

Taking 2 in 24 hours in strongly not recommended.

If your medication is not working well for you, go back to see your doctor to see what other options you have in the way of medications.

I had zyrtec and it didn't seem to always work so I went back to the doc and he gave me some very professional advice. He said"If one doesn't seem to work that day, just take another one" Yes he was a doc and not a dealer. What an upstanding individual he must have been. Just remember they dry out your system too so drink extra water to stay hydrated.

ask the pharmacist...this is serious stuff
btw your answer doesn't really make sense you said u didn't have allergies until u moved to california then made it worse going back to new york? then u would have had allergies before u moved to california
of course it won't be out entirely...but it is REALLY helpful

In the drug notes, Pfizer states that they studied taking up to 60mg of Zyrtec daily with no serious side effects. So, no, taking 2 tablets in 24 hours won't kill you. That being said, since 10mg is considered to be the highest adult dose, it probably won't help you either. And your probably going to be feeling very lethargic and drowsy, even into the next day.

If the 1 tablet isn't holding your allergies down all day, you can try cutting it in half and taking 5mg twice a day. If that isn't effective, you can also try taking another antihistmine in conjuction. Take your Zyrtec in the morning, and if it runs out by the evening you can take some Benadryl or Chlor-Tri-Meton. It will probably make you pretty sleepy, but it's also going to provide more relief with less side effects than taking that extra Zytrec.

Good luck.

Claritin (loratadine) you can actually take a larger dose. In Europe, the standard dose is higher than what it is in the U.S.
My guess with the Zyrtec, probably it won't be a big deal. However, you might feel tired.

No its NOT OK! The anti histamine in it can hurt you if you take to much!! Please dont do it again..

yes ,

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