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 Why do I always wake up with a congested nose and sore/dry throat after using the fan for 8 hours?
Is there anything I can do to not get ...

 Food coming out your nose?
Ive had this happen to me 2 imes in my life once like 6 years ago i was in a store eating cheese nips and then poof it happend they started coming out my nose and i had to blow them out. The other ...

 I am Allergenic to citrus, I know that is oranges, but what else? apples?

 Is it true that you can have a baby without having ur period?
my friends consin when she went to camp, she meet a guy; they like each other, and then one nite, they had beer and stuff.
and they have had s.e.x
she didnt have a period yet....

 Is it possible for certain kinds of pine trees to cause allergic reactions?

 My body is one big hive. What can I do to relieve the itching?
I've never experienced anything like this. My back and chest are covered in raised light pink welts, as is my face. I've taken benadryl and soaked in an oatmeal bath. I can't afford ...

 Sudden attack of Hives?
I broke out in hives for no reason at all. I haven't eaten, worn or used anything new. Except maybe some vitamin C I am taking for a cold I have.
But for the last two days, my upper body ...

 Whenever I eat or when i go to bed my nose blocks instantly and i can't breathe well,any suggestions.?

 Gluten allergy?
certain protein contained in wheat, rye, barley etc. are harmful for certain individuals. what it is and why it is so?...

 What is better for sinus problems, sudafed 24 or allegra 24 d?

 Allergy medicine...which one!?!??!?
ok, so i've tried every single kind of claritan, and it doesn't make u sleepy but it doesn't work, then i tried benadryll, it works a little better but i get knocked out, so have u ...

 Allergic to metal?
I am obviously allergic to gold plated stuff, I have these small bumps on my neck where the chain was, what can I put on it to make it go away. I took the necklace off....

 Anyone meet someone with this?
Has anyone ever met someone who is allergic to every antibiotic, deadly allergic? Like they have to go to the hospital to get desensitized to them in a hospital and can get an anaphylaxis reaction ...

 Which cough syrup works best to supress a cough?

 Is it possible to be allergic to marijuana??
i think my friend is
she says when she smokes it after about 3 bowls or so (throughout the day) she gets headaches that get worse when she moves around or holds her breath
Additional D...

 Looking for home remedy for allergies, other than staying indoors, with the windows closed!!!?

 Are Kaiser permanente doctors considered crappy in the industry?
My nose has been killing me and all they do is tell me its sinus problems. They just give me claritin and nasarel and shove me out the door. ITs not ...

 If I am taking penicillin, can I kiss someone who is allergic to it?
Would it hurt them?...

 Nose bleed?
for the last few days my nose has been bleedin.... itsnot continous... it like the blood solidifies in my nose..
can u pla tell what should i ...

 Fiind a bread dog good for an allergic child?

Is it okay to drink milk with Amoxicillin 500mg?

Don't take anyone's word for med questions. Ask your pharmacist.

not a problem

yes u can

Take Your Medicine
There is no interaction with milk and/or other dairy products with Amoxicillin (any strength). In fact, milk may help alleviate any stomach upset!

YEP. It doesn't effect the medication like it would with something like Cipro.

Terri J
I checked Drug Digest, and they don't list any contraindicated foods - says you can take it with or without food.

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