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 Am I allergic?
well basically my cuz gave me these ear-rings and it was coated in Silver, but the real metal underneath was nickel.

I put them on and now my ears are bleeding, and it WON' T STOP!!! ...

 I have a cat allergy and may be moving into a place that had a cat. Any tips on avoiding allergic reactions?
So I am allergic to cats. So basically there is a four-room apartment I may be moving into in which one of the previous tenants that's moving out had a cat that roamed around the apartment ...

 Am i allergic to fudge?
so i am always eating fudge.
but yesterday after i ate fudge my whole face and throat came out in a bumpy read rash.
i can't swollow this morning because my throat is still swollen and ...

 Congestion, inflamation, sore eyes?
I seem to have just accepted that I have to live with an alergy feeling.

I have an Irish complexion, pale and lots of reddness, but I seem to feel stuffy, full of gunk and have redness ...

 There is some darkheads on my nose so how can i remove that ?suggest me some idea's?

 How do you tell the difference between a common cold/flu and allergies?

 My nose ring is infected?
I just got a nose ring 2 1/2 weeks ago now. The girl that did it told me to you Antibacterial soap and Bactine. So I did but now its all infected. So I changed it to spectro derm cause I heard you ...

 Can a person be allergic to dogs? If so, what are they allergic to; saliva, hair, dander...etc.?

 Help! My eyes are all puffy!! allergic reaction?
Ok I started using proactiv and now my eyes are all puffy and swollen and i think its an allergic reaction. How do i get the swelling down??...

 My 3 year old's lower eyelid is swollen and red?
this happened yesterday morning when she woke up. She usually has a puffy face when she 1st wakes up abut this morning her right eye was swollen and red and a dot that was like a misquito bite about ...

 Can you have severe headaches from a reaction to peanuts(possible allergy)?
I ate a bunch of peanuts the other day and have been ill since. I just thought about the peanuts possibly causing it. I normally don't eat them. I was already to the er yesterday with this, ...

 Question for every one????
What is the best way to itch a eye that will not stop itching?...

 Can you be allergic to corn pollen??

 Do allergies typically get worse with age.?

 Strange symptoms with my 7 year old son!!?
He is not sick, isn't coughing and doeanst have a runny nose. For almost 2 weeks now every other day or so he will be playing or whatever and all of a sudden he makes this strange noise like he ...

 What is the best way to get rid of congested nose. Sudafed and alike do not work for me.?

 What brand band aid can I use?
I am allergic to Band-aid brand band-aids. The glue or something gives me a rash. It's only that brand though I think. Whats in it that does that to me?...

 Is It Weird To Have No Allergies?
Is it weird, or am i kinda lucky?
Additional Details
Is it possible to develop allergies?...

 Banana allergy?
Whenever I eat a banana, my bottom lip will begin to have a little burning sensation from where the banana touched it, usually on the left and right sides. Does anyone else ever experience this? Is ...

 Cough !!!!!!!!!?
Please help! Im at my wits end. Iv had this horrible cough which never seems to go away i sound like a seal!! It starts with a horrible tickle in my throat then i have a coughthing fit. Iv tried all ...

Is it ok to take an expired claritin?
Last night I couldnt get any sleep cause my stomache hurt real bad. My nose was and still is all stuffed up and when ever I breath in and out it smells like smoke. I'm 13 and i dont smoke but i feel like crap right now? Should I take the expired Claritin?

If you do take it it wont be as effective as ist should be .....


i am 13 to and no because i tried to take an expired claritin and i had to be rushed to the emergency room and they were saying that u can die if u eat,drink anything that is expired but i was lucky so i woldnt do it

Kyle H
i wouldnt. Throw the expired medicine away and ask your guardian to pick some more medicine up from the pharmacy.

Chze Whiz
No, expired medicine can make you very very sick. Go to the store and buy a new pack. Flush the old medicine down the toliet. Never throw medicine away because if animals or young kids get into your trash they can eat it and get sick.

Also, make sure you parents know how you are feeling. If it doesn't go away in a few days, ask them to take you to the doctor just to get checked out. Breathing in and out smelling like smoke is a little weird to me. Does someone in your family smoke?

no don't take it but i would go to the store and but a new pack

Haliman S
It depends upon how you have kept it and how long it has expired. Most medicine manufacturers impose longer time to their product than as stated on the expiring dates. Furthermore, there is no medication that become poisonous after it expires. Most of them have their efficacy reduced several years after they are expired.
I always keep my medications in my fridge, and I keep using them no longer than a year after they are expired unless I have to.

If it doesn't have any obvious damage from moisture and is only about 6 months expired, go ahead.

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