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 Can an 8 month old child be allergic to all fruits?
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Is it common to be allergic to apples?
after I ate an apple this morning my lips started itching and I got hives around them. Plus the inside of my mouth kind of hurt... But to my knowledge I've never been allergic to apples before... although I did just find out I am allergic to cantolope and watermelon recently...is this a common allergy?
Additional Details
and is it possible it's something that I just 'developed' as I got older?

Kara Joy
Probably not, but I am allergic to oranges, so...I guess it is perfectly normal to be allergic to a certain food...

it might be for you.

Somebody's Mommy
That's weird that you bring this up. My friend started having problems with apples lately, too. But, it was only certain kinds. Her throat gets all itchy, and a little tight. I think the doctor said it had more to do with the tree it came from. But, yes, an allergy of some sort. You can develope them over time, and grow out of them over time.

i don't know anyone that is allergic to apples (and my cousins have quite the list of allergies). however, as they got older they found out more of their allergies and are allergic to things like watermelon, milk, grass, etc. sounds like you're allergic but i would get it checked out to know for sure!

Happy Penguin
I have never heard of anyone with that allergy.

It is presumably possible though.

Could it have been something on the apple which made your mouth sore, rather than the apple itself?

That is called oral allergy syndrome. It is usually linked with pollen allergies. I used to be allergic to nearly all raw fruits and vegetables. After I had desensitation shots for my pollen allergies, my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away. I think it is getting more common. Back in the 60's, when I had it bad, no one else had heard of it. Now I hear of it a lot on yahoo answers. You get hayfever too, don't you?

Yes it is entirely possible to be allergic to apples and to develop the allergy later in life. A few years ago I started finding other people with allergy apple and it is becoming more common. In the 90s it was more common amongst people from a Mediteranian heritage and was thought to effect 1 in a 10 thousand people. Yes, I felt real special.

I had my first reaction to an apple whilst pregnant in 1993. It took me a year to work out what it was (I have other allergies) and by that stage it had progressed to an anaphylactic reaction. Some people can tolerate cooked apple. I am so sensitive that I react to apple powder within a product. Apple is used as a filler in a great many products.

What you do need to check though is if you are reacting to the apple itself or what is on the apple. Try thickly peeling it and eating only from deep inside to see if you still react. So many things are sprayed on our food that it's near impossible to tell what a person is reacting to if it's the outside.

Good luck.

Apples are known as one of the major foods involved in so-called "Oral Allergy Syndrome", which presents at the mucosa of lips, tongue and throat after ingestion of apples and other fruits. Apple allergies are most frequently associated with birch pollinosis in Northern Europe and North America. People who have allergies to birch-pollen may also be allergic to Apples due to the similarity between specific proteins.

People who react to this allergen can tolerate cooked apple and juices because the allergen does not survive cooking and pasteurisation. Only fresh apples cause the reaction. Individuals who have this allergy often develop adverse reactions to other fruits including pear, apricot, melon, banana, nuts such as hazelnut, or vegetables such as celeriac (celery tuber) and carrot.

The amount of allergen in the fruit is influenced by the apple variety, the degree of repeness and storage conditions. Allergists say coping strategies include cooking the fruit and taking antihistamines.

silent gams
I've never heard of it before. Thanks for asking this. I've learned a lot from the responses. My son has an allergy to bananas and he seldom eats other fruits due to fear he may have a similar reaction to them. It happened suddenly one year. He has bad allergies too, hayfever.

Again, thanks.

did you wash the apple before eating it?

My mother has that problem..she can't eat any fresh fruit at all.

It was an allergy that developed as she got older.

Gal in MN
My father in law is allergic to raw apples (no matter how clean) and sometimes pears - he has no problems with baked apples though.

Yes, allergies can develop as you get older... you can also "grow out of" allergies too.

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