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 I have an allergic skin rash?
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 Someone please answer my question?
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 What is a good allergy medication or nasal spray?
I've taken benadryl which makes me sleepy, I've used some nasal sprays and they seem to make my sneezing worse. I've used flonase which actually worked well for me but I'm not ...

 I have a nut allergy and am worried about using Shampoos & Conditioners? They make me very ill?
I think that everytime i use certain shampoos and conditioners an 'anaphylactoid reaction' where my throat swells up and my skin itchees, plus i find it difficult to breathe. Its not ...

Is it bad to take Benadryl EVERY night?
Does anyone know if this is bad? I suffer from seasonal allergies really bad and have tried EVERYTHING but nothing works except Benadryl......Im just afraid it could be harmful to take every single night! Also, does anyone know of any natural remedies?

There are alternatives to Benadryl, however, bear in mind that they don't work instantly like drugs do. You need to get a nasal rinse (saline solution with proper ph levels-see nasalrinse website) which you use only bottled water, not tap and mix the solution and irrigate your nose. Follow the instructions as you should not do this too close to bedtime. For the first few days, you should do this 2x a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening.

Also, see the Xylitol website as they have a nasal spray which you can carry with you and use several times without harmful side effects. It is not a drug, only a natural ingredient that can help keep your nose clear. They also make a toothpaste with xylitol to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Try this as Benadryl can be addictive.

Havas nana
I take Alavert everyday and they are basically the same thing. It is okay . as for natural remedies do you have an air purifier in your home. that may help you sleep without benadryl.

Rico Goldstar
I feel your pain. Not only did I just get over a cold, but I too have seasonal allergies. My head has been clogged for the past two weeks. But please, don't get hooked on any medication. You may have to suffer for a little bit, but there are home remedies you can try. Overmedicating yourself is definitely not the answer. Read the book "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About" By: Kevin Trudeau.

tto much of any drug, will eventualy no longer work in the body. The body will get used to it, and set up defences aginst it, or the affects will minimise. When you take a dose, try to keep as long of a time period as you are able, between those doses. The longer the better

Queen of the Dust Mites
The reason benadryl is working the best for you is because of all the antihistamines, that one is most effective on seasonal allergies and those that result in rashes. You don't want to take this every night for the rest of your life. What you do want to do is get your allergies under control so you won't need medication. You mention that you have seasonal allergies, and this is certainly prime ragweed pollen time in the US, but usually seasonal allergies are not at the worst at night unless you keep your windows open in the evenings and mornings. If you have not been to an immunologist or allergist for a skin test or a blood test you might want to make that appointment. If your allergies are to pollens you can take steps to reduce your exposure. Stay inside in early morning and at dusk. This is the prime time for pollen. You can check the website pollen.com for the pollen in your ZIP code. Stay inside with the windows and doors closed. If you have an AC, run it with a MERV8 filter. Keep pets inside also, because they bring pollen in on their fur. If you must be outside for a long period of time, change clothes and wash your hair when you come inside. If you must keep the windows open, use these special pollen air screens so you don't let stuff inside. There are some that claim that taking raw honey from your immediate area (3 miles or so) every day will de-sensitize your system. However, most pollen allergies are caused by very light white pollens from trees and grasses and are carried on the wind. The bees collect pollen that is yellow and waxy and dependent upon the bee to be carted about. The plants that produce this type of pollen are usually not the seasonal allergy culprits. If you like the taste of raw honey, it certainly won't hurt to try. The best remedy though is to eliminate your exposure. I'll include some links to the pollen place and a pic of those window screens. Good Luck!

i would ask your dr, but when i was sick i took it every night to help me sleep, and i dont have any affects

I took Benedryl 4 times a day for most of my childhood. It didn't cause damage. I now take Zyrtec. I have hives though, not seasonal allergies. There are so many choices these days, but Benedryl was all there was, then. Good luck, and talk to your doctor or allergist.

mario h

MonTana Tiggs (Smokey)
I wouldnt say it is "bad' but I think that you really need to consider going to an allergist and possibly getting some allergy shots to help with for what you are allergic to. You dont want to take meds if you dont have to -right? and if you can be treated by allergy injections. The hasslejust might be worth it BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE ANSWERS AS TO WHAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO AND MIGHT FEEL BETTER!

I WAS EXTREMELY allergic to Bees, and I have been taking shots for 40 yrs, but I got stung and had a reaction, but not like i did when i was 10 yrs old where my throat closed off and i swelled like a goodyear blimp-lol

One thing-about the thought of Natural remedies.. You dont know what you are allergic to totally and if you are not careful you can end up in the hospital being allergic to something.
DO yourself a favor- Find out first... for your own peace of mind. Then if the dr says OK- sure -natural is wise then and -- do it if that is what you rather.

I dont really know the answer to this question, but I bet a Dr would :)

HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON and can get off any and all meds and get some relief!

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