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 How can i get rid off my phlegm on my throat?

 Can an allergy to grass cause breathing problems?
When i get come in contact with grass i do not get itchy or anything, but ive noticed for like 4 years now that when i go to grass i have some breathing problems for several weeks and then they go ...

 Can I be allergic to nuts and chocolate?
My friend is allergic to chocolate according to the doctor... Whenever she eats it she gets sinus problems and nose bleeds.. She stopped eating chocolate and has been fine... She just noticed that ...

 If you are allergic to milk does that mean you are allergic to whey protein.?
if you ate something that contains whey protein and was not allergic to it does that mean you can eat daily as well. I am talking about real allergy not intolerance (gas....)...

 What kind of doctor do you see for allergy?
This is a very bad case of chronic allergy. Making my runny drip on ends. A slight headache. A little roughness and soreness in throat.

I am not sure general practitioner will do....

 Does anyone have good receipes for a child who is allergic to Milk, Egg and Nuts?

 Why is my eye is puffy?
last night i fell asleep eye's where fine Then just this morning i woke up & the left side under eye lid is swollen what happend? it does not hurt.....

 I get really puffy eyes and the skin around my eyes gets all red and itchy from allergies.?
What can i do or take?...

 UGHH! Now what??
I just got two mice. I also recently got tested for allergies. IM ALLERGIC TO MICE AND DOGS! perfect ehh? I'm SO mad. What do i have to do with the mice now? I really don't want to get rid ...

 I have an allergy to amoxicillin. Would kissing a person who took it give me a reaction?
I have an allergy to amoxicillin. Would kissing a person who had recently taken amoxicillin in pill form cause me to have a reaction? The last time I took amoxicilin I was seven and my lips swelled ...

 I am very upset with menu foods why are they testing this on cats and dogs now and let them die?
where is menufoods getting these cats and dogs from that they are testing? i will not buy any food for my dogs if menufood is connected with it!!!!!! thank God i do not have any of there product!!!...

 Do i have allergies?
my nose is runny and it feels like its itchy in the nostrils.but i cant really itch it. and my eyes got teary today at church wen my nose felt itchy. i always sneeze but i dont feel like i have a ...

 HELP!! Can't Stop a Horrible cough?
i am currently suffering from allergies/cold and have a horrible couch at night when i try to sleep does anyone have any ideas how to stop it? ive tried EVERYTHING!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!...

 Why do people pick their nose?

 Dangers of the regular use of codeine.?
can anyone tell me the side effects of taking painkillers on a daily ...

 Is there any treatment for post-nasal drip cough?
I'm pretty sure my mom has post-nasal drip and she's always coughing. Is there anything she can do about that? She needs something long-term that she can take or do every day....

 Cottage cheese nose?
this is gonna sound minging but stick with me. i have a normal nose, on appearence there isnt anything wrong with it. but, if i squeeze any part of it, loads of cheese like puss comes out like its ...

 Sinus question?
Within the last couple of years I have been having problems with my sinus. This year I have wheezing at night, and in the mourning I cough, and sometimes feel nauseas, or like I am chocking which ...

 Why am i sick?
I was wondering if anyone knew why everytime i eat i feel nauseaous. it can be anything. i eat chicken, pasta, beef , even chocolate makes me feel sick. Only thing that settles my stomach is a glass ...

 Acidic trow up??
So my bf just randomly trew up in his mouth(sounds nasty i know) and he said it tasted acidic or something. What could it be??its not food poising or anything like that. any ideas??and he does get ...

Kaka D LE
Is That fine to take expired Loratadine ?
i have a box of Allergy relief , and it expired on 01/07 and it is 19/02/07 now , can i still use it, i need it badly for tomorrow and i can't get a new one yet .

Yes it is still good, the only things that really expire are Anitbiotics because they have bacteria growing on them so with time they will lose effectivness, I saw this on the news last year CNN or something. Expiration dates on Pharmecueticals is just a scam so that you will through them away and have to buy new medicine again.

yep u can,but i think the effect will be less so go on according 2 the rule benifte versius harm.

I worked in a pharmacy a few years back and the pharmacist there told me it's perfectly o.k. to take drugs that are as much as one month past the expiry date. He said to be on the safe side, chuck anything that's more than one month past the expiry date since it might not be safe to take. Some drugs lose their effectiveness while others can actually harm you if they are too old. But up to one month past the expiry date is fine.

well it should be fine unless its a anti-biotic it shouldnt be a problem if i am not mistaken it is for acid reflux/heartburn and no it will be fine to use for another 2-4 months no prblem thats just a way to make money (putting an exp. date on it) but it is reccomedned not to take it cant hurt i dont think i take 10 meds a day and i stockpile certain ones and i use the oldest first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The FDA requires the expiration dates to be set where the active ingredient of the med has decayed to 95% of the original amount of drug. In most cases, it is ok to take expired medication; but there are some medications that decay into harmful byproducts which should be discarded (loratadine is not one of them). I usually throw out my meds if they have expired over one year ago. Bottom line ... you just won't be recieving that insignificant amount of lossed active ingredient. Hope this helps.

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