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Im Allergic To Dairy, Gluten & Yeast.?
i only found out im Allergic to them & i dunno what i can and cant eat!!
Someone Help Mee Please?

The Geezer
My dog has this problem.. he gets the runs

best go and see your doctor

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, Nuts and seeds, Soy milks and butters, Gluten free foods which you should find in your food store or specialty store. Yeast free breads. Try these websites for products.
Hope this helps.
If you need an allergy free cookbook let me know. I have put one together that is free of Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Dairy, Nut and Egg. It is $15.00 and is available as digital delivery or printed version which I can mail to you. I'm selling it in shops here in Australia.

shannon m
I am allergic to dairy, it started out as intolerance, but then my throat started swelling and the doctor said I was having an allergic reaction. The best way to deal with it is to read labels, read every thing you eat. I have switched to soy products, but I don't know if they have gluten, it doesn't say either way. I recently started showing an intolerance for beef as well. I have been drinking milk (almost a gallon a day until allergic reaction happened) and eating cheese and beef my whole life, but didn't develop an intolerance, or allergies until about a year ago. My Dr. some people grow into their allergies.

Allergic as in histamine and skin reaction?
or autoimmune disease where your white blood cells destroy your villi?
you need to go search celaic sites for the gluten, then search dairy and casein free sites for the dairy.
For the yeast, that is fairly simple compared to the first two, lol!
You need to go to a candida site and PLEASE get a consult with a good nutritionist.
Good luck, and happy healing!

You have to undergo an allergy test for specific food stuff.
Diagnosis- Celiac disease
People with celiac disease carry higher than normal levels of certain antibodies (anti-gliadin, anti-endomysium and anti-tissue transglutaminase). Antibodies are specialized proteins that are part of your immune system and work to eliminate foreign substances in your body. In people with celiac disease, their immune systems may be recognizing gluten as a foreign substance and producing elevated levels of antibodies to get rid of it.
A blood test can detect high levels of these antibodies and is used to initially detect people who are most likely to have the disease and who may need further testing. To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may need to microscopically examine a small portion of intestinal tissue to check for damage to the villi. To do this, your doctor inserts a thin, flexible tube (endoscope) through your mouth, esophagus and stomach into your small intestine and takes a sample of intestinal tissue.
A trial of a gluten-free diet also can confirm a diagnosis, but it's important that you not start such a diet before seeking a medical evaluation. Doing so may change the results of blood tests and biopsies so that they appear to be normal.
Diagnosis- Lactose intolerance
Your doctor may diagnose lactose intolerance based on your symptoms and your response to reducing the amount of dairy foods in your diet. Your doctor can confirm the diagnosis by conducting one or more of the following tests:
* Lactose tolerance test. You'll need to avoid eating before this test, to ensure accurate results. Once at the doctor's office, you'll drink a liquid that contains high levels of lactose. When this lactose reaches your digestive system, the lactase enzyme normally breaks it down into glucose and galactose, which can be absorbed by your bloodstream. In this test, you'll give blood samples over a two-hour period to measure your glucose level. If your glucose level isn't rising, it means you aren't properly digesting and absorbing the lactose-filled drink.
* Hydrogen breath test. This test also requires you to drink a liquid that contains high levels of lactose. Then your doctor measures the amount of hydrogen in your breath at regular intervals. Normally, very little hydrogen is detectable. However, undigested lactose reaches your colon and ferments, causing hydrogen and other gases to be released, absorbed by your intestines, and eventually exhaled. Large amounts of exhaled hydrogen indicate that you aren't fully digesting and absorbing lactose and that you're probably intolerant.
* Stool acidity test. Infants and children suspected of having lactose intolerance take a stool acidity test. The amount of lactose required for the lactose tolerance test or the hydrogen breath test may be dangerous for infants and children. The stool acidity test measures the amount of acid in the stool. Undigested and unabsorbed lactose ferments in the colon, creating lactic acid and other acids that can be detected in a stool sample.

If you only just found out then chances are your not allergic? Allergic gives BIG reactions like you cant breathe your skin blisters etc... You most likely have intollerances! How do I know? Because I have intollerances, & through elimination diets about 4yrs ago I found out that my body does not deal with Dairy and Gluten. Go to Holland & Barret,they have crackers,biscuits and cakes. Buy your pasta at asda or Tescos. Tesco has a good range of wheat (gluten) free products. The breads on offer are ridiculusly priced and are mostly like cardboard! Lunches are the only problem as you dont do sandwiches,wraps it does not leave you much,perhaps a packed lunch a main meal or a baked potato lolx

UKScarf M
If you have been diagnosed by a GP, ask for a referral to see a dietician. (And if you haven't, go and see your GP and explain the situation - it may well be that you need further testing - do this sooner rather than later - for example going on a gluten-free diet before being tested for Coeliac Disease will confuse the results, meaning that you may not get necessary follow-up care (checking for bone density etc).)

Good luck. (My SIL has lots of good things to say about Allergy UK - that may be another starting point)

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