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 Allergy to pillow?
could you be allergic to a down pillow?

face feels like there is sand under it, and the pillow is the most likely cause.

thanks :)...

 How do i know if i'm allergic to cat hair or if i'm allergic to their saliva?
i know allergies to cats can be caused by either their hair or their saliva. i would like to get a spyhnx (hairless) cat but i don't know if i'm allergic to hair or saliva. how can i tell ...

 Hay fever medication?
I've had hay fever for about 4 years, and tried a few different tablets can't remember exactly which ones, none of which have seemed to make a noticable difference. I'm currently using ...

 What is the reaction when you get stung by a bee and you are allergic?
i think im allergic to bees but im not really sure what the reactions are.
Additional Details
yeah, ive been stung before and it got really swollen and i had trouble breathing..i didnt ...

 What causes Hives?

 Kellogg's Cornflakes.. is there wheat or Dairy products in them?
I am allergic to Dairy & Wheat Products, and have been eating Kellogs Cornflakes recently.

Today, I have been ill, going to the toilet a lot, and going Hot then cold, and feeling ...

 Is it possible to form an allergy to nuts after eating them almost all your life?
I love almonds and always have. I used to be able to eat them not stop. Now though when I eat them my mouth starts to go numb. Is it possible I could be forming an allergy to them or its there ...

 I've been suffering from hives all over my face and body. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this? Thanks.?
Prednisone and antihistamines have not been enough. Help please!...

 Does anyone know how to treat a bed bug rash to reduce the itching and burning?
lotions , medicines or ...

 I have a rash but no temp and the rash dont ich. what could it be. i covers my whole stomach and back.?

 Are you or do you know anybody who is allergic to orange juice? If so, what are the symptoms?

 What will makes this "off balance" sinus allergy feeling go away? I have seasonal allergies and rhinitis.
I've tried Nasal sprays and allergy pills and none of them seem to work! HELP!...

 What happens when people have allergies to alcoholic drinks? Have you ever seen a complete personality change
I have seen someone I've known for years get drunk and act completely different. They acted like a total different personality. I've never seen that but one time. I mean their speech ...

 If 3 employess persistent allergy problems at work is this the responsibility of the employer to inspect vents

 What can I do about an eating problem?
I havent been able to eat anything in the last couple days and when i try to eat it just comes back up or when I look at food it just makes me sick to my stomach....

 How can you make your sneeze come out??
it's annoying when my sneeze doesn't want to come out...i keep getting teary eyed from it......

 Sick with swollen uvula?
I have been sick for 3 days now. Mostly a sore throat with very little sinus problems. My throat has felt extremly dry. Very red and now my uvula is swollen. I dont have medical insurance. Is this ...

 What could it be?
I don't have a cold I know for sure, but my nose gets stuffed up sometimes and on some days it's stuffy the whole time and I need to blow my nose all the time! I don't have allergies, ...

 Can codeine cause a headache?
I am on cough syrup with codeine for bronchitis, I also have a sinus infection. It seems like whenever I take it I get a headache. Is this a normal side effect or is it maybe just because I have such ...

 Taking Allegra-D 12 hr pills. They won't dissolve in my system & are passing through whole. Any suggestions?
These are 12 hour, extended release pills and I've heard you must not crush or break them up. So, what can I do to make them dissolve inside of me?...

If you are allergic to sulfur, what is your type of reaction?

My ex-husband is allergic to sulfur...he found out the hard way. He had a back injury and the only drug that gave him any results was Quinine Sulfate...he ended up getting a red rash on his arms and then he got black spots all over his tongue...when he went to the Dr. they found out that he was allergic to sulfur and had gotten a very rare disease called Steven Johnson Syndrome.

If you are referring to sulfa, commonly prescribed for bladder infections (cystitis), hives with intense itching are a typical reaction.

im allergic to sulfur and everything else. but u can have different reaction. mine is ieither get really sick to my stomach, or i break out in hives.

I'm not sure if you are asking for personal experiences or if you just want info on allergic reactions to sulfa drugs. As far as I know I'm not allergic (I don't think I've ever taken any sulfa drugs).

In general, allergic reactions vary significantly from person to person. The mildest reaction might be a simple rash. The 2 most severe reactions I can think of would be airway edema and Stevens-Johnson reaction. The airway edema could cause the person to suffocate (your throat swells up so you can't breathe). Stevens-Johnson is a rare hypersensitivity reaction in which the skin around your mucous membranes starts falling off. If it's severe (>30 % of skin falls off = toxic epidermal necrolysis), it has a 40 % mortality.

I took a sulfur antibiotic and I broke out in a rash all over my body and had a high temperature. My mom said I looked like death and threatened to take me to the emergency room if I didn't call my doctor immediately. The doctor though I had scarletina at first, but then consulted an infectious disease specialist who said it was a reaction to bactrim.

Burning tingling sensation similar to a mild burn followed by red rash and sometimes welts.

My reaction to sulfa drugs is feeling very ill all over (the sickest I've ever been in my life), joint pain, my skin feels like I have a bad sunburn, swelling of hands and face and SEVERE headache. I've only had a sulfa med once (Bactrim) and it required a trip to the ER and a shot of epinephrine, steroids, pain medicine, and antihistamines.

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