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 Is pseudoephedrine an antidepressant?
I find I am in a better mood when I take my allergy medicine on a regular basis. Is this simply because my allergy symptoms are lightened, or is the pseudoephedrine in my allergy medicine a mild ...

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 What is a cure for hives and shingles?
chicken pox virus, never left the immune system....

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does it taste the same?...

 Have you ever visited a dosctor to have your allergies tested?
I have had an allergy to all nuts (except for peanut and almonds) all my life. I get an instant vomit reaction except for wallnuts that make my eyes puff up and its like a hayfever reaction. I am now ...

 Is it possible to have a sinus infection with the only "stuffy" feeling being in the face and head?
i've always had terrible allergies (nose and throat), but after moving from a humid state (virginia) to the dry desert of california, they got worse and my nose got REALLY dry. i usually have ...

 Allergic reaction?
ok for some reason when I eat Apples (whole ones no peeling or cutting or anything) and Tuna I seem to get the same reaction. I feel a lot of pressure in my chest and upper back. there is pressure on ...

 What could this be?
there was a time in summer where i was sneezing everytime each day and it lasted for like a month and i sleep and wake up the next day to find my nose is stuffed (blocked) and i sneeze and sneeze and ...

 Wean off prednisone after 5 day use?
i was prescribed prednisone (40 mg a day) for only 5 days because of a allergic reaction to penicillin. my doc said i could actually just stop taking it as soon as the rashes cleared up, he said ...

 I have too many allergies?`?
I'm allergic to cats, grass, certain trees, dust, pollen, mold, ragweed, eggs, ...its making me sick I cant even go outside with getting sick what can I do. And why do I have so many allergies?...

 Im 13 years old and i have a severe milk allergy. My parents r WAY too over protective!I have tried evrything!
I carry my epipen(my medicine) every where with me! I don't eat foods that i don't know the ingredients. I am very very careful! But my parents still don't let me go anywhere by myself ...

 Asthma and a cold-Maxxed out my time in the nebulizer...?
We just moved and we havn't found the peak flow or the puffer-and I am not in any condition to move boxes.
My breathing has been cut in half and I got a colkd. I started the cold on thusday ...

 I am looking for a sunblock that a baby is not allergic to....?
My son and daughter seem "allergic" to sunblock. Once I put it on and we go into the sun, they turn super red. They start to to itch and then their eyes water. The baby is 6 months old and ...

 Is it possible to still have celiac disease if you have tested negative for a gluten allergy?
A month ago I had a RAST blood test done for the following allergens: wheat and gluten. My results came back as slightly intolerant to wheat and negative for gluten. What I'm wondering is if ...

 Anyone ever had an anaphylactic reaction for a nut allergy?
What are the danger point to look out for?...

 Why does my mouth go numb when i eat potatoes?
whenever i eat mashed potatoes the roof of my mouth goes numb.
it really pisses me off because then i have to stop eating them.
please tell me!...

 Is there bread for coeliacs that doesn't cause heartburn?

 What does it mean when you feel like your throat is closing up?
after you eat? this has happened to me twice already and i felt like i was gasping for air and couldn't get any.eventually i was breathing again but couldn't get over the shock.it's ...

 Can a person with severe(being airborne) shellfish and seafood allergies swim in the ocean?

If you are allergic to a food, what is the reaction time frame?
if you eat a food you are allergic to on friday can the reaction take until monday to show, or is it more immediate

useuall immedite to a few hours after.

No, usually not. That is too long for an allergic reaction to happen from a food you've eaten. Mine usually happens (depending on how much I consume) between a half hour to an hour after, starts with a headache, then I get hives. I have, however, gotten migraines from a specific food the next day, but 3 days later is really pushing it.

If you have an IGE mediated or "true allergy" your symptoms will show in 15 minutes to 2 hours.

If you have an intolerance, it could take a a few days to feel the effects.

Usually a sensitivity to a food will show up in 24 hours. A true allergic reaction is immediate. Throat swelling, hives, red in the face and tightness in the chest. If you have these , seek medical help now.

For me it depends upon what the food is. When I was allergic to raw fruits and vegetables, the reaction occurred in less than five minutes. For my poultry allergy, the reaction may be as long as 12 hours later.

A true allergic reaction occurs fairly quickly - from minutes to several hours from ingestion time. Reactions that occur days later are not allergic reactions - might be a food intolerance or food poisoning, or have absolutely nothing to do with food.

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