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If i am allergic to shrimp does that mean i will also be alleric to crawfish ?

Leanna's mom
Have you ever eaten any other shellfish other than shrimp? If you have and had not had a reaction then you know you are ok. If you have not or not sure if you have, check w/ your doctor, get a referral to an allergist. They can perform an allergy test on you and tell you right then if you are allergic to shellfish or any kind of fish at that matter. Don't take a chance by trying something to see if you are allergic.

The Educ8r Thanks and so-Long
probably the reason you're allergic to shrimp is because of the iodine. most crawfish are found in the swamp areas and not in the ocean or sea. So you probably could get "away" by eating crawfish.


Much more than likely.

You are much more than likely allergic to all shellfish

Usually if you're allergic to one shellfish you'll be allergic to others. Just play it safe and don't eat any or if you do, just a little to make sure you don't get sick.

My dad is allergic to all shellfish.

My brother for it from him, but his reaction is x10 worse. He learned at through shrimp, and since Dad is allerguc to all shell fish, Brother won't touch anything else.

Moral of the story, you probably are.

Maybe, I have a friend who's allergic to both, but I don't know if she's allergic to one so it makes her allergic to the other or if they are totally unrelated.

I agree with the first guy don't risk it can be harmful for you. Man shrimp is the best food out there sad for you. Want a cookie?

LB The Definition of Lovley
It's possible. It could be an overall shellfish allergy.

Queen of the Dust Mites
Not really. The thing that causes an allergic reaction is a protein in the fish and or shellfish and or mollusk. Just because you are allergic to shellfish does not mean that you will be allergic to mollusks or fish. But, because both shrimp and crawfish are both considered shellfish even though they are biologically unrelated, you might have a problem.
A good allergist or immunologist can mix up a serum for testing if you want to know for sure.

prolly, don't risk it

Usually you are allergic to the iodine in the shrimp that comes from the salt in the water. If the crawfish come from fresh water, you will probably be OK, but if you have a bad allergy, I wouldn't try it, just in case.

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