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As my mom says, I'm allergic to Spring.
We don't know specifically what, we just know that when spring comes, I get itchy eyes, a runny nose, and I feel sick.
Other then just the ...

i've never had allergies before & i'm not allergic to anything but i have all the symptoms right now:
it's spring
i'm sneezing ATON
my nose is stuffed

 Cedar is killing me, how can I relieve myself of the symptoms of hayfever?
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 Who is allergic to dust mites?

I have been sneezing on/off for about a month now.?
Sneezing is heavy in the morning and night. Runny nose.and watery eyes. At times very watery. Mucus color is clear no symptoms of infection due to lack of other symptoms (No fever, itch, blood withdrawal in mucus, or diarrhea). . Happened after air travel in mid June. Sneezing is very forceful and at times i sneeze maybe 4-5 times before i can re catch my breath. What are your suggestions ? Please note: I am allergic to practically nothing. I only have watery eyes and slight sneezing during pollen season.

Go to doctor asap bro.

Martha Evans
I did not think I was allergic to anything except for housedust and cats and rodents, but I developed some strange symptoms and finally I went to an allergist ENT physician, and got skin testing and found out that I was HIGHLY allergic to my dog, even though I did not notice any runny nose or itching, cough, sneeze, etc when around her. I also found out that I had multiple environmental allergies to trees, grasses, molds, dusts, etc. and also to foods that I did not think I was allergic to such as grapefruit and eggs and chocolate!. Now I have started allergy shots and it has helped some of the wierd symptoms, so just because you don't think you are allergic to much might not be the real case.

I would go to an ENT allergist and get skin testing and then go for the allergy shots OR now they also have mouth drops that are supposed to work just as well, but insurance in US won't cover the drops even though the UK has great success with it.

Also, as another person mentioned, try rinsing your sinuses with a netti pot and warm saline solution or use SINUS AID which does the same thing. (See youtube videos on demonstrations). It really is quite refreshing and helps keep those allergens in your nose from collecting so much and it moisturizes your nasal passages.

Try to vacuum and change bed clothes more to see if it helps.

I don't know where you live but where I live it has been a very bad month for allergies. You can try some over the counter Zyrtec and see if that helps. (I recommend taking it at night bc it can cause some people to get sleepy or you can try Claritin, which is also over the counter. I do not think it works as well as the Zyrtec, but it shoul dnot make you sleepy.) Even though you may have no history of allergies, it does not mean you are immune to them. It is always possible to develop allergies.

Has anything else changed in your environment such as a new dog or pet? detergent or soap? It could also be that.

Dizzy Dame
I'd suggest you try cleansing your nasal passages with a neti pot and some warm saline water. Do it once in the morning and then again at night to clear your nose of irritants.

Smart Nurse
Make the connection....

Being a nurse with over 25 years experience, I have seen a lot of children with various illnesses. While many and Asthmatic llergic and reactions are caused from eating certain foods, there are many more Allergic and Asthmatic reactions caused from common everyday chemicals and fragranced products as well as VOC's in homes, schools and workplace.

This is a growing problem and many people are not even aware that it exists as more and more chemicals are being introduced and used on a daily basis. Many people believe that because something smells good or cleans well and it is on a store shelf that it is tested, approved and safe for use.
Think again !

We are now seeing more and more children and adults with Chronic Rhinitis, Chronic Headaches, Sinusitis, Migraines, Sinus Infections, Asthma, Allergies, Hives, Eczema, sinus / respiratory illnesses and Hormone related disorders. I can not emphasize how important it is to educate yourself about MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (MCS) and the harm you may be doing to your health by using chemicals and fragranced products.

If you or a loved one has symptoms of or suffers from Asthma, Allergies, Autism, chronic headaches, reproductive problems, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus or Fibromyalgia, you need to read further and learn about the signs and symptoms of MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Most doctors will not inform you about this because patients as a whole like to walk out of a doctors office with a prescription for some magical medicine and they do not want to be told that their expensive new perfume or newly installed carpet may be the culprit. So, the doctor will give you medications and many of these meds either do not work or cause other health problems.

Chemicals and fragranced products are often the root of many disorders and illnesses when it comes to your health. Many of the below mentioned items are common triggers to sinus, asthma, itching, headaches, Migraines and allergy problems amongst other health issues. Get rid of them and your immune and respiratory system will thank you and you will breathe easier.

And, it is not only personal body or cleaning products causing havoc on your health….many people become ill after wearing brand new clothing, dry-cleaned clothes, installing new carpet, painting, buying a new mattress or after home renovations because of the Flame Retardants, Antimony, Benzenes, Formaldehydes, etc. used in these products. So the answer is NO, you are not imagining that 2 weeks after your home, office or classroom got renovated you started to become ill, get dizzy or have headaches. This is happening more and more these days and adults as well as children are becoming sicker and sicker.

Unfortunately, too many doctors compound the problem by prescribing chemical medications to try to alleviate the symptoms of an already chemical overloaded body and they rarely tell the patient to eliminate the chemical offenders. How many times have I seen people in the grocery store with Bounce, Glade Plug-Ins and Febreeze in their shopping cart along with a bottle of Benadryl , Migraine Excedrin and a box of Allergy Tablets ? Why don't they make the connection?

Keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Then ... well... then it has to be filtered by your organs which are already working real hard.

BIG NO-NO's ---- I would SERIOUSLY recommend removing all of the below from your living / working area.

No Bounce or dryer sheets - these are VERY toxic
No Febreeze - your pets will even thank you for this
No Glade Plug-ins - VERY toxic
No Scented candles
No Scented Dish Detergents
No Fragranced Products on Body, Hair or Clothing
No Smoke
No Newspapers and Magazines - The ink is a huge irritant.
No Dander
No Sprays
No Sharpies (marker pens)
New Cartpeting, mattresses, paint, contain toxins that can trigger severe respiratory disorders as well as headaches and Asthma flare-ups.
And remember, it is NOT the smell it is the Chemicals that make up the smell. So, even if something is "Fragrance Free" these products often mask the smell with another chemical ! There are plenty of safe healthy products out there that work well and do not have added chemical fragrances.

More and more workplaces & schools are implementing Fragrance Free policies and creating "Fragrance Free Zones"… why do you think this is? Make the connection, your lungs , immune system and your general health will thank you.

you may be allergic to practically nothing, but you are allergic to something.

the timing suggests something that may now be in your room or home.

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