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 Sinus pressure?
has any one here had sinus problems that the doctors just cant seem to help you with.i dont have insurance so its hard to afford good help.ive been to an ent and an allergist but nothing is helping.i ...

 What can i do for my allergies?
its driving me crazy and i have work at 2.30 what can i do to feel better
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thanks good2go helped me put honey in oj or ...

 How do allergy shots work, and are they effective for food allergies?

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kinacl, do you know if the shots work in the case of food allergies?...

 Allergic reaction?
I work at a gas station where there is a chip stand. I had the same thing Friday, Saturday and Sunday, cheeseburger and poutine (I know that's bad for me but I love it) anyway Friday and S...

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 Runny nose, watery eyes and sore throat. Cant get rid of!?
I have all of these, a runny nose, a sore throat and watery eyes... How can I get rid of fast? I think its just a cold...

Ciara x
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Its nit ...

 Holistic allergy care?
I have a cat allergy and the doctor prescribed me zyrtec and clarinex to try. Both of them make me feel funny with lightheadedness. Ive heard that there are some holistic things you could try. Has ...

 Whats the best thing to get rid of cat allergies?
I just got two cats. Their short haired, but I'm really allergic to them, I have itchy eyes, itchy throat, coughing, sneezing, hives, and rashes. I love them with all my heart and I cry almost ...

 McDonalds food allergy??
My daughter ate at McD's last week. She has ate there before, no problems. This time she broke out in hives and swelled up bad. She took Benadryl and it went away in a few days. But, she forgot ...

 Cure for my cat allergy?
I was thinking about moving in with my dad because i dont want to live in the current area but thats kind of a different topic

 Allergy problem?
My wife has allergy problem. Most of the time problem comes if she does not sleep properly. When she wake up she will have sneezing and sneezing. when she sneee it makes lot of noise. She is ...

 Allergic Reaction....?
This weekend i lost a bet to someone at a Mexican Restaurant and had to eat a whole Jalapeno... It was a red grilled Jalapeno... The reaction was instantaneous... Not but 5 minutes afterwards i threw ...

 Would nasonex help or hurt if you get a cold?
If you use nasonex for allergy symptoms, then come down with a cold which cause an even worse stuffy nose, should you stop the nasonex until it's over, or could it actually help?...

 Hi! My daughter is 12 m. old and has a history of cow's milk and soy milk allergy. What can I feed her?

 I have stomich prolam?
when i eat fruit my hanger reduce but after eating somethimg new it came again....

 Sinus Infection?!!?!?
since 2 days ago, i've been having a lot of stuffy noses, and a wierd voice, almost like i have a cold..
and i smell something wierd
everywhere i go..its very annoying.
and i ...

 Is my ipod allergic to coldplay?
whenever i listen to coldplay it falls into the unknown darkness (the ground)
do you think it could be allergic to playing any coldplay songs and has a reaction forcing it to jump to the ground?<...

 I have a sinus headache and i want to take Ibuprofen but i took Claritin allergy. Can i mix the two?
What happened was, i took Claritin Allergy medication that last 24 hours but i found out that the medication is not working and i do not have allergies. Now i am stuck with not being able to take ...

I have bad allergies, what helps?
I have rather bad allergies and suffer from sinus problems alot. I use zyrtec, a prescription nasal spray, and use a saline mist every morning. But every morning I wake up feeling pressure in my head. I sneeze and get a runny nose and it usually doesn't clear up until later in the day. I never feel a 100%. It also causes a problem for my social life. I'm a 22 year old and everytime I go out to a bar with my friends my allergies act up from the smoke and I end up with a runny nose and itchy eyes. I also suffer my itchy eyes and I wear contacts so it can make it very tough. Is there anything else I can do to relieve myself of some of these symptoms?

Blondie Z
I also have allergies so I understand. I think you have to stay away from what causes your symptoms. Such as smoke, you just have to keep away from it. I have found that sleeping with a humidifier in my room really helps a lot. I make sure the door is closed and I rid the room of dust daily. This really makes a difference.

I have pretty bad allergies too and I take Allegra along with Flonase and the saline solution. I've tried Claritin and it didn't really work all that well, Allegra seems to do the trick and you only have to take it once a day.

The smoke from bars and alcohol in and of

itself causes allergies for some people.

Wine is the worst form of alcohol which

causes allergies, the Sulfites in the wine,

often triggers an allergy attack.

Almost ALL alcohol, for someone with

allergies may cause allergy problems, maybe

triggering an attack. Take away those triggers,

or drink your drinks without alcohol.

When I was 21 and discovered all this, I simply

chose not to smoke or drink alcohol anymore.

Why cause suffering, when I can prevent it ?

Stay away, as far as possible, from places

where there is excessive smoking, such as

bars, etc.

Best of luck to you.

From an R.N. with a Master's degree who


Happy Holidays to you.

I have the same problems.
Go to a doctor and get allergy testing...they'll probably give you some prescription.

my cousin had really bad allergies and he couldn't go to school for like 5 months. They had to give him some shots, but now he's off of the shots and he's totally fine.

Try benadryl..that stuff really works.
try eyedrops too
also, drink a lot of tea

Go out and buy a humidifier, turn it on while you sleep.

It works wonders for my nephew with bad allergies.

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