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can squirrels have a nut allergy?...

 Does weight loss have to be a side effect to be considered Celiac Disease?
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but how do i remove the redness,

going out soon PLEASE HELP...

 Please help! What can I do for my allergies that does not involve medicines?
I just made an appointment with an allergist. The receptionist told me not to take antihistamine for 7 days prior to my appointment so the test results are accurate.


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 Am i allergic to this??
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 Is this truly possible?
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 Is it possible to develop an allergy to wheat or wheat gluten suddnely later in life?
In the past two months I have become very sick whenever eating anything with Wheat or Wheat Gluten. I was told that Celiac disease is most likely something found in children, not adults. I'm ...

 What could this be?
My three year old has had a really bad irritation around one of his eyes since last night.I have given him Benadryl, washed it out, tried several stuff.This morning it is still red and itching like ...

 My throat is killing me and i feel congested everywhere in my nose and my face?
can i still practice volleyball today or shud i take a day ...

 How can I keep my nasal passages open?
I get sick 2 or 3 times a year and every time I do my nasal passages will stay closed and my nose will run for at least 2 weeks. Nasal spray is the only thing that helps but I have to use it 2 to 3 ...

 Can anyone tell me a good medicine?
stuffed nose
feel like crap

 Am I allergic to my guinea pig?
I have never been allergic to anything, even cats and dogs, but where ever I touch my guinea pig when I hold her, my skin turns red and little white bumps breakout, and it itches, but it goes away ...

I have an allergy to latex on my face and i want to where a mask is there any thing i could put on or in it?

How about green vegetable dye - works great for me.

There isn't, no. A prime example of latex allergy is John Rhys-Davies, who played the dwarf Gimli from Lord of the Rings. He's allergic to latex as well, and the latex mask and makeup basically ate into his face. A good portion of the time it's not even him playing the part, because it affected him so badly. By the end of the third movie, you can see how red and puffy his face and eyes are - There's one particular scene where it looks like his face is sloughing off.

Doing it just once won't be too horrible, depending on how sensitive you are and how much you want to suffer afterward, but I still wouldn't recommend it. If I were you, I'd try finding a mask that isn't made of latex.

you want to wear a latex mask? If you are allergic then you cannot wear one. If you keep using things with latex you will eventually go into anaphaltic shock. Be smart!

You don't want to wear a latex mask. If you MUST wear a mask, make it cloth. Keep in mind that I don't know what you want the mask for.

no, do not wear a mask with latex in it, the stuff is airborne too, can get in your lungs and cause a serious problem.

you do not want to wear the mask if it is latex and you have an allergy believe me! if you have ever had an allergic reaction and had the pain & suffering that goes with it you would not even be asking this question - DO NOT DO IT!!

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