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Holly GoLightly
I get really shaky after using a nebulizer, what can I do to calm it down?
I've had asthma all my life, it always gets worse during the cold months. I just finished a treatment from my nebulizer, and I'm really shaky now. In the past I was a little shaky after a treatment - but I don't remember it being like this, it's been a while since I've had to use it.

My arms and hands are shaking, it's pretty annoying, I know it's a common side effect from the medicine, but is there anything I can do to calm down the shakies? Or am I just gonna have to wait it out?

The number one side-effect of beta-2 adrenergic(sympathomimetic) bronchodilating agents(such as albuterol, metaproterenol, formoterol, etc.) is tremors/nervousness. A large percentage of patients experience tremors/shaking after using breathing treatments that contain the drug albuterol. It is not something to be overly concerned about, however, you may consider asking your doctor if he/she could switch your medicine to Xoponex(Levalbuterol). Xoponex is similar to albuterol but with one important difference. Albuterol contains a S and R isomer. The R isomer causes bronchodilation (what you want) whereas the S isomer is the primary cause of side effects (such as tremors). Xoponex contains only the pure R isomer, and therefore has a lower risk of producing side effects such as tremors. In a hospital setting if a patient complains of tremors/shaking after albuterol use one of the first things we do is switch them over to Xoponex. Hope this helps!

jim r
this a must to talk to your doctor about. it could be to strong or to much call your dr and tell him or her what is happening

Jungle Jane
it's b'c you haven't used it in a while. not much you can do. just take a few mins to sit an chill, it should go away in 20-30 mins. be glad b'c that's a sign that the med is working.

This is a common side effect of the medication that you are taking in the nebulizer. Please do not be overly concerned by it. Try to relax. You do not need to discuss this with your doctor unless you feel that it is getting worse. I too am asthmatic and get that same reaction. Please remember that this will pass in a little while but continue to take your medications.

get food in your system

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