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 What is the est medicen for allergy attacts?

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 I have a ? i am all congested and i can breathe because my nose is clogged up?
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 How do you know if you're allergic to a certain type of food (like dairy)?
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Also, ...

 Why does having a tattoo make you more likely to have an allergic reaction to hair dye?
as opposed to those who haven't got tattoos?
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I have read it on the warnings (at the bottom of the instructions leaflet) that come with the home hair dye kits....

 Itchy burning eyes?
my eyes have been itching and burning like at the same time i have been using a lot of eye drops and a lot of allergy medicene what else can i do?...

 Any solution for weezing?
My friend is suffering with weezing. If possible tell any way to cure is. She is shaktha . 24 years old....

 What is the best medicine for sinus/allergy problems?

 Hey Fever!!!!?
i suffer from really bad hey fever..and no i getting fed up with it all...i take tablets everyday which costs me around £15 for a week..which do not work..i have heard about the hey fever jab but my ...

 I'm allergic to shellfish,but i love shellfish so what do i do?
i just got through watching "unwrapped"on food network and they did a segment on imitation crabmeat and lobster meat.now if you've seen it then you know what i'm talking about....

 My son has been taking allergy shots for 6 months..when will we see any results? do the shots really help?

 Could this be an allergic reaction to chocolate?
Lately, if I eat anything with chocolate or chocolate chips in it, that night when I go to sleep, I find that I feel very hot, like I am sweating, but at the same time, I am freezing. No fever. E.g., ...

I don't know what's causing my hives!!!!!?
As the title says...I've had hives since December 2007 to this day and I don't know what causes it. What are some ways that I can:

-Find out what causes my hives.
-Get rid of it PERMANENTLY!!!
-If itching starts and redness appears, what can I do to temporarily relive it.

Some things is that I notice is that when I get the lightest scratch...let's say, like a scratch from the corner of a binder or any MINOR scratches. They soon swell up to gigantic red marks and sometimes they start to itch. Now as I said, this isn't from one particular scratch from an item, it can be a scratch from anything. Also, when the scratching dies down and the redness starts to die down, the "use-to be gigantic red bump" starts to form into little tiny lumps and then finally disappear. This is really bothering me. Thanks for any help.
Additional Details
Ok...I just took baking soda bath and my body started to get red again but after drying and a minute or two, itching stopped. I then applied cream to my body and took Benedryl.

If your having trouble with hives, what helps is when you start to break out is to immediately go back to anything that could have caused it, Grass leaves, food, ect........ and if you do figure it out try to avoid those type of things, also after you find out I highly recommend you to go to a doctor, and see how bad it is, sometimes you will have to go every week and get an allergy shot or the problem will only get worse over time, so i recommend to see a doctor and have him/her check it out, also with your scratching try not to, but they have creams to relieve it if you can't

A lady i work with had this problem and it was her nerves the doc told her it was due to stressing so much and staying upset ...they told her to take cat nip tea and to relieve the itching bathe in baking soda water then apply cortisone cream

Speak to a doctor. This could have something to do with your immune system being overactive.

gold dust

My 18 year old bro has been on a daily therapy of Claritin(or other Loratidine product) for 2 years. He gets hives when he starts to get sick,or if he bumps his arm/leg/back into something. When he played baseball, his hand would swell with hives from the ball hitting the glove. He mows the grass and his hands swell from over-use. He steps on a rock with his shoes on and next day has a hive on his foot....very strange stuff. Dr. could only tell us it's something to do with the immune system being over active. And that he may one day be over this as quickly as it came on. Kind of like people that get sties in the eye, or cold sores. He has been to allergists, dermatologists and the regular Dr. Maybe you will have better luck in your research...

it sounds to me like you are alergic to your clothes washing power or liguid try changing it and see if that helps if not you may be under stress, because stress causes the same symptons sotry changing the clothes liguid or power first good luck and please let me know the results

you will have to go to a allergist to figure it out.

My hubby breaks out in hives and has done so since he was a child, it only occurs once every couple months but his sometimes will make his lips and tounge swell which is very dangerous, we keep Benadryl on hand all times, just in case and when he begins to feel hives coming on he takes 2 Benadryl and its gone.
It could be stress, we are pretty sure thats what my hubbys is.
But if he gets bit by 2 many bugs sometimes he will break out to. ?
anyways Benadryl always works for him.

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