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 I have allergic rhinitis now I start having urticaria what should I do for allergy?

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 I just found out that I am allergic to cats and dogs, the doctor prescribed me Singulair?
He said that this is the best allergy medication for cat and dog allergy, but it doesn't seem to be working very well for me. Any other suggestions on brand of allergy medicine for this allergy?...

 I can drink regular liquor when i go out but i get a bad reaction from red wine?
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 Itchy feet!!?
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 Help can anyone give me an answer about food allergies?
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 Why does the top of my mouth get itchy around cats?
whenevr im around cats or if im cleaning a really dusty room, the top of my mouth gets really really itchy. could this mean im allergic, and if so, why would my mouth be itchy?...

I Have Allergies, But Not So Hard On Me, its my first time getting allergies.....

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 Whenever i eat something greasy i feel dizzy?
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 Can someone explain to me what an "idiosyncratic allergic reaction" is?

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I dont have breast implants....

 Somehow I just developed allergic reactions to pollen that I never had until the last year or two? Why?
My doctor said this is normal, do you think it has anything to do with the depletion of our ozone layer?...

 Remedy's for dry eye infections any body help.?

 What is seraquil?
I read it in an answer and dont know what it is - someone ended up in a coma - apparently - is it like poison for pests or something.
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Thanks guys i had acctually ...

 Is this hay fever or something else? And what can I do to stop it?
I always wake up in the middle of the night with a VERY itchy throat, nose, and ears. I also notice that during these attacks my soft palate becomes bumpy and I can run my tongue over it and it feels ...

 Where can i find the finest dog milk for children?
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 What are common alergy symptoms?

 The term that describes a serious system allergic reaction in which the patient can die within minutes?
This is a Medical Terminology question, can someone help me with it?...

 My throat and mouth itches when I eat apples...am I allergic?
I love apples :)
I always eat fresh ones and wash them before I eat them.
I'm 20 and can't remember the last time I ate one and my throat didn't itch. But I love them!

 What's the oldest age that a person might expect to 'outgrow' an allergy?
My 7.5 year old son is allergic to cow's milk. (Allergic - not lactose intolerant) He just had his annual RAST test last week. We got the results today - 0.99 'low moderate'. ;-( A...

I cant breathe very well through my nose feels like it is closing up.?
I went to the Dr. for bad sinus pressure in the top of my nose. Dr. said it was either sinus or allergies. He gave me meds and I have been taking them but they dont seem to be working. It now feels like my nose/throat is closing and it is very difficult for me to breathe. Sometimes I feel like Im gasping for air even when Im asleep. I just wake up feeling like I cant breathe. Has any one eles had this happen to them. Please help.

I think you need to call him back and say Look I can't breath. You either get me in to see a specialist or you will switch doctors. They need to do something and not just give you the run around.

If you are allergic is always good to know which are the triggers, you can talk with your doctor about it and they can check for that.
It is also very helpful to switch to naturally based products, the regular products that you can purchase at the store, contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and fillers that are very dangerous to our health, specially for people that has asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and other things like eczema or migraines, etc.
I buy everything through a wellness company because my husband has asthma and allergies, he hardly use the inhaler now (only when he gets sick like cold or flu). I can help you get those products at a wholesale price if you would like to give them a try, it is 100% risk free and guaranteed. It realy helps!
The best of luck!

Mariana Abadie

apply vicks into your nose not 2 deep. also try acupuncture.

Your symptoms are concerning and sound like sleep apnea,you should mention them to your doc right away.

This is not a medicine,but an effective treatment,a neti pot filled with salt water(saline solution) flushes out dirt,pollen,mucus and other infectious agents from the sinus cavity,allowing it to recover.Symptom relief is only a band-aid treatment however this targets the source of the problem and will give long term relief,its cheap and side effect free.


Sounds like it could be asthma. You should tell your symptoms to your doc and he probably will give you some albuteral. If you cant get to the doc soon and it gets bad, at least try some Primatine Mist at the drug store. It is over the counter and may help, it may not.

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