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Dana the Great
I can't stop sneezing!?
I've been sneezing and sniffing all day. I cannot just seem to stop. I have a choral concert tonight for a grade for school, so I need to be there looking my best.

How can I stop these allergies? The Benadryl isn't working.

get lots of rest and take some tissues with you to the concert!! lol

feel better

have u tried some dayquil or something along those lines? maybe a snazel spray?

Melissa M
where you plucking your eyebrows?

go tto the doctor and get medican

good luck =]

ur allergic to the computer run away!!!

Sound The Stereo
goto a doctor

ok.... claritin clear works for me but you can also try to steam it out:

Get a large bowl of water and fill it up with boiling water and put your head just above it where the steam is rising. place a towel on your neck while you are doing it .

Peter L
Don't try to stop sneezing, it is unhealthy, Clariton Clear works for me soooo much cause I am allergic to like everything. If worse comes to worse, just put your finger where right above your mouth, horizontally, and it should help.

Peace and good luck with the sneezing

Ryan R
Try to have a hong hot bath, get lot of sleep and just have lots of liquid

Turn your shower on as hot as you can get it and close your bathroom door, just stand in the bathroom and breathe in the steam.... It usually works for me when I'm congested, or when I have allergies that make my throat hurt or go into sneexing fits.... Good luck, and hope the concert goes well

Amy L
hmm yes you should definitely see your doctor of find an allergen that works for you

A combination of antihistaminic and steroid may help you. It is only advisable as it is a special occasion for you. But for steroid, you will need a prescription. I don think it will be available OTC.
All the best!

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