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I can't sleep! Everytime I lay my head down I get a stuffy nose! What to do??

Dr. Ima G. Neus
Have someone mouth to mouth you until you fall asleep...

If your on your way to bed now, take a hot shower. Breathe in the steam. This will help unclog your nose.

If it is allergies it will also remove any allergins from your hair and body.

Change your pillow case.

Drink a cup of tea with honey NO milk!

Remove Carmax or Vicks under your nose.

If you must take a Sudafed or Benadryl.

I have the same problem. Get a netti pot.. you tip your head back and pour the solution up your nose and it cleans out your sinuses completely and it will come out the other side. It doesn't hurt even though it sounds weird.. and as long as you routinely do it, you won't have any sinus problems at all.

Try using Vapor rub....I have the same problem and the vapor rub helps me sleep and breath better

put ur pillow up not straight on the bed so ur head is tilted up
use sleeping pills

Pamela B
Sleep with your back and head elevated. This will help with the breathing problems. You could also take a decongestant.

Everybody always wants to treat the symptoms and not figure out why your nose is so runny when you lay your down. Have you eliminated being sensitive to the pillow, the carpet, the drapes. What about mold in the room where you are sleeping. We just recently went through this. We switched rooms to try it and it worked. We are allergic to something in the other room. Try opening the windows and airing the room or house out to see it that helps you. Then go try something to help ease the runny nose. good luck!

sounds like a sinus problem... go to the pharmacy and get breathright strips.

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