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I can't help stop wheezing?
I have allergies and i can't stop wheezing what can i do to stop.

Stephanie F
You need to see a doctor to get some medicine to help stop the symptoms. If they are that severe, you should probably go to the ER.

Uh.... Doctor

it sounds like you may has asthma. better go to the docter to get medication as asthma doesnt just go away, and you dont was to have an asthma attack.

go to the er and take some meds

DUDE, go see a DOCTOR.

If you are wheezing, it is because something in your environment is causing it. It can be flowers, pets, to ingredients in paint or furniture stuffing. Go to a doctor. Write down all the things that are new to your environment when you noticed the problem. It can be something at work or school or new colonge or dryer sheet used by someone in your office.

Kelly V
Go to the Hospital, you need a breathing treatment Now

Well you need to go to the emerency room...cause there is nothing you can do to make it stop.

helps me to take a hot shower, steam helps.. then get into an allergist.

Ask a doctor!

See your doctor.

an albuterol inhaler may help with the wheezing or any bronchodilator for that matter. An antihistamine like benadryl can help if it is an allergy causing the wheezing. Try one of these

Try Benadryl, then go see your doctor. It could be a symptom of a serious problem.

you might have asthma.
You can take something like Piroton or Cetirizine, if that doesn't help then get checked for asthma

take benadryl or similar antihistamine.

go to the Doctor

Time to visit your local ER.

Loli M
Sounds like a doc is in order. I have horrible allergies/asthma and Clarinex and Singulair are very helpful. They are RX so your doc would have to look into whether or not they would be helpful. Just so you know, they aren't for Asthma pre se, they are blockers. They block the stuff you are allergic to and keep you from wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

Hope this helps, good luck!!!

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