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 Please help me...I am sick...?
I don't know what is wrong with me. I thought I had a cold but now I am really not sure.

My head feels like it is about to explode.
My throat is sore.
My ears have so much ...

 Many my eyes are soo...!?
What should I do, my eyes are soo itchy and red? i know I have allergies but the drops are not working? It's really bad tell me wat to do?...

 Chocolate allergy???
I am beginning to wonder if I am a allergic to chocolate. When i hold chocolate in my hand for longer than a few seconds, I get red irritated splotches on my hand. If I eat a whole chocolate bar my ...

 Is this truly possible?
I heard a report that a man was sueing Mc D's because he was lactose intolerant and he had ordered 3 Quarterpounders hold the cheese, and they had included cheese. He ate them without ...

 Allergy medicines not working, is there anything I can do?
I'm taking a series of Zyrtec, Astelin, Singulair, Optivar and Claritin. Nothing seems to be working and I'm at my wit's end with tree allergies. Is there anything beyond pills and ...

 Is it possible to develop an allergy to wheat or wheat gluten suddnely later in life?
In the past two months I have become very sick whenever eating anything with Wheat or Wheat Gluten. I was told that Celiac disease is most likely something found in children, not adults. I'm ...

 What could this be?
My three year old has had a really bad irritation around one of his eyes since last night.I have given him Benadryl, washed it out, tried several stuff.This morning it is still red and itching like ...

 My throat is killing me and i feel congested everywhere in my nose and my face?
can i still practice volleyball today or shud i take a day ...

 How can I keep my nasal passages open?
I get sick 2 or 3 times a year and every time I do my nasal passages will stay closed and my nose will run for at least 2 weeks. Nasal spray is the only thing that helps but I have to use it 2 to 3 ...

 Can anyone tell me a good medicine?
stuffed nose
feel like crap

 Am I allergic to my guinea pig?
I have never been allergic to anything, even cats and dogs, but where ever I touch my guinea pig when I hold her, my skin turns red and little white bumps breakout, and it itches, but it goes away ...

 I need to get rid of clogged up ears... WHAT DO I DO?
Caps on to get my question read by everbody. I need to unclog these ears. I have tried blowing my nose while holding my nostrils, usually works. I have tried yawning, gum, I want to feel better. Help ...

 What is the best medicine for hives?
I have this problem for 7 months now, and its really disturbing me, i have read spots in my skin, and its so itchy, but it just gone for a few minutes after....

 I get hives after i take a shower...?
yeah, after i get out of the shower i break out in hives on my chest and along my jaw bone. i dont know whats causing it because it doesnt just happen at home. i happens wherever i take a shower and ...

 Is is allergies!?!?
When I eat any type of fruit raw, my lips bubble up inside, my cheeks feel thick, and my throat itches like crazy. My lips are never chapped, because every morning when I wake up, I put Burt's B...

 My son has asthma and we have a dog he has been coughing alot what do u think?
this is his 2nd episode since we have had the dog she is a golden im not sure if its the dog or not how would i find out any info would be helpfull ...

 I have had asthma since birth. Nowadays my doctor warns me to keep my bedroom clear of any dust, dust mites,?
etc. I would greatly appreciate it if someone who knows the difference in all the 'filters' out on the market could tell me which one would be best for my condition. I have difficulty ...

 Anybody out there experienced an allergic reaction to the minerals make-up stuff?

 Is anyone allergic to salt?
is anyone allergic to salt? is it possible?...

for seasonal allergies, and works fast

plz tell me the pros and the cons, and if it works well for u..

also, is it ok to take allergy meds, while ur taking anti-depressant pills?...

Lesley B
I am allergic to the metal frames of my glasses. What is the name of the product that is painted on to stop it
I am aware of a product that is painted on the frames to reduce contact with my skin. Does anyone know the name of this product?

why don't you change the frames to plastic ?

Use the clear nail varnish then next time you need glasses buy titanium ones ;o)

Don't know the name of your product but clear nail polish will do the same thing.

Try clear nail polish until you find the answer and a more permanent solution.

mary m
clear nail varnish will work great for this..i am allergic to nickel and i always use this method

What you are allergic to is the nickel. Next time try a titanium frame...which is nickel free. But yes, clear nail polish works the best =)

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