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 Does saline solution help stop snoring?

 Sinuses are going to be the end of me!?
Well I am on day 17 of antibiotics and still have facial pressure and my face is hot and a bit of nasal drip. I am also on a prescription decongestant that is the size of a horse pill. I am currently ...

 If someone had a severe peanut allergy how long would it take to die if dropped into a large vat of Sunpat?

 Is normal when I take Claritin D?
I have allergies, and because of this I have gotten a really bad sore throat. my doctor prescribed me some claritin D to help..and it helped the sore throat A LOT. But now my eyes are like "...

 Is Michael Jackson going to become a Nazi?
do you think they will take him?
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He did go to Germany....

 How can you stop allergies?

 Is it normal when you sneeze that your ears pop?
Im allergic to pollen, and that makes me get a tissue like every two seconds. But when i do sneeze in my tissue my ears pop, and I'm wondering is that only normal?...

 Food allergy?
This is a stupid questions. When I eat foods like bananas, canalope, honeydew, and some kind of nuts... it makes the inside of my mouth itch ... sometimes I can even feel it in my ears ... does this ...

 Am I having a food allergy reaction? (symptoms in details)?
About 2 hours after eating at a buffet, I am having a hard time breathing and my chest feels tight.

My fingers, and skin all over is itching, burning, and stinging.

What could I ...

 Is anybody else plagued by mosquito bites in London?
I have covered up in bed to avoid being bitten,as previously i had been chomped on about 19 times.To find now that my left eye has closed due to a really bad reaction to a bite on my eyelid. To say i ...

 I am allergic to potatoes - are sweet potatoes and yams from the same family??

 How effective is herbal medicines?

 My throat is constantly dry and i drink lots of water. my pee is also yellow and i drink plenty of water.?
i drink lots of water surely to make it more clear. i mean i stopped drinking soda 2 months ago is that possibly affecting it? and surely drinking water also has to stop that dry mouth thing. is ...

 Allergic reaction to food, now my face is swollen?
I had an allergic reaction to a food I ate. now my face is swollen like a balloon . how do i get it down. ive already taken ...

 Can I get sick from eating moldy bread?
Last night, I came home a little drunk. And as a precaution, I ate some bread to absorb the alcohol. I had one little hot dog bun--- didn't notice any weird taste. Then I had another and it ...

 How do I get rid of these hives?
Benedryl makes it go away, but when it wears off, they all come back again. What do I do?...

 Is there any doctor? I need help.?
Some red watery tumour grows all over my body. It just like chicken pox,but Ihad it when I was 4. Is that means I am infectious? Is there any probelm? Can this be cure and what's the medicine.T...

 2 Year Old with Allergies?
I thought my son had mosquito bites (which he did) but then I noticed on his right leg on the shin a red hot rash. Then his leg started to swell. He also started to develop a lumpy rash on his back ...

 Is there any peanut butter out there that doesn't' have peanuts in it but tastes like peanut butter?

 Is it possible to be allergic to tea?
When I drink tea, I get a fever and I throw up within an hour of drinking it. When I smell it, I feel sick to my stomach. I think I am allergic, am I? My Aunt doesn't believe someone can be ...

I am allergic to nuts, but not peanut butter, why is this?
I am allergic to all kinds of nuts (peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, etc.). If I eat a nut, my mouth starts to burn and swell up.The weird thing is, I can eat creamy peanut butter with no problem. Someone told me the reason why this is, but I do not remember what it was. Can you please help?
Additional Details
I forgot this when I was typing the question, but yeah, peanuts are legumes. Thanks for all who pointed that out nicely.

i feel sorry for your boyfriend. :(

peanuts are legumes not nuts BUT peanut allergies are very serious too.

I would just like to add to what Sweet Cheeks said about cooking peanut butter. I did not know that peanut butter is cooked, some may not be like the natural stuff. If what she says is true that it kills the fungi on the peanuts then the allergy is to the fungi and not the peanut proteins. If you are truly allergic to peanuts then you will also react to peanut butter. One more thing for the sake of the discussion of your question it does not matter that peanuts are not truly nuts. People have had fatal allergic reactions to peanuts from breathing the fumes.

if you are truly allergic to peanuts then you could not possibly eat peanut butter. what kind of reaction did you have did your airway close off the did they have to put an endotracheal tube down for you to breath that is anaphylaxis a true allergy

Peanuts are not really nuts

dont lick his nuts

sweet cheeks
Peanuts are actually legumes. Nuts grow on trees, peanuts on the ground. Also my husband is allergic to nuts but can eat peanut butter (the two allergies often go together) because peanut butter is cooked and it kills the fungi on the peanuts that causes the reaction.

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