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 Can you take piriton and paracetemol together?

 Why am i allergic to oranges?
I am allergic to oranges, i get terrible migraines after eating or drinking orange juice. Why am allergic to them, and can you get over a allergy (cause i'd love to eat them again) ?...

 Is it possible to be allergic to peanut butter, but u can eat peanuts without any allergy reaction?
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unfortunatley im alergic to alcohol.......
I was just woundering if there is anyone else who has the same condition?? its not an allergy, but my body doesnt make the enzyme that breaks down the ...

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 I'd like a cat, but my roommate is allergic to them...help?
I am moving into an apartment with my friend Tony and his significant other. This will be my first time moving out and I've always grown up with cats, so I've kind of been contemplating ...

 Can you be allergic to something all of a sudden?

 I have some kind of rash..does anyone know what it might be?
It's on my hands. On the palms and sides of fingers. It's skin colored, not red or anything. It's very bumpy, and itchy, it's not poison. It's an allergic reaction, I THINK!!!...

 My eyes are swollen and red from grass and hay allergies, what can I do to make them stop?
My eyes are itchy,swollen ang red. I took benadryl about 2 1/2 hours ago, and it's only gotten worse......

 My apartment has tested positive for high mold levels and lead in the water. Should I get out?
I have 6 months left of my lease and hate to break it, but I can not risk my health. These are things we did not inspect prior to moving in. I heard of landlord giving notice with a lease that there ...

 If you keep on exercising and getting asthma attacks, will your asthma attacks eventually go away?
Lately I've been trying very hard in gym class. I have asthma attacks often after, either because I'm not used to exercising that hard or I am allergic to exercising a lot. I can't ...

 How do I remove the gallstone.?

 Help my sore throat?
i have a really painful sore throat for the past couple of days, it might be allergies (really bad in Philly now). anyway, ive tried cough drops, hot tea, cold medicine, Advil, but nothing makes the ...

does anyone know how to calm them down once they have acted up? I took a zyrtec earlier in the day and it didn't ...

 Any remedies to get rid of Sinus?
I have a Sinus problem. Please suggest me some home treatment....

 My boyfriend was stung?
by a wasp and had a life-threatening reaction to it. His sister drove him to hospital and they gave him the antidote (or whatever you call it) by injection. Shouldn't the hospital have provided ...

 Rash on baby's face, torso and hairline and runny nose. details inside?
we just moved now i see that my baby has a rash,it can't be the environment because we have been here on and off for the past year. we have dogs here but she has been around them for quite some ...

 Itchy ears and throat after eating fruit?
this is probably almost everytime that when i eat cleaned or peeled fruit, my ears and throat will start itching after 5 minutes. I don't understand why it's happening to me, but I never ...

I Cant get Water out of my Ear!!!?
My ear is clogged up with water!
What can i do to get it out?
Its soooo annoying!
Any suggestions?

try a drop or two of baby oil and see if the oil is heavier than water and floats the water to the top, then use a q-tip to dry the oil

use a q-tip and if it starts to hurt in a few days you got an infection don't worry its not bad just get a small prescription i have to get them alot i get ear infections alot and its not that bad

B for bernadetta
if it stayed with u long time then u must see a doctor cause u may have extra wax in your ear keeping water stuck

Go to a local pharmacy and by the OTC saline solution. It's super cheap. It's just a salt-water solution. Drop a few drops in your ear and then tip your ear downward. Or buy the Swimmer's Ear brand drops.

DO THIS!!!!!! put hydrogen peroxide in your ear and let it sit for a while. It will pop and fizzle but WILL NOT hurt. Then about a minute later, turn over and you will feel the warm water roll out of the ear. DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL. My father did that to me as a child and I had to go to a ear doctor cause it damaged the ear. Not good.


Shake you re head on the side the water is on. Towel dry inside. Use a blow dryer. Let it dry.

Put a drop of olive oil in the ear.

chicago cub's bat bunny
go to a doctor. i could be a ear infectoion.

you can buy stuff called Swimmer's Ear at the store. I just use rubbing alcohol. tip your head so the clogged ear is up. put 5-6 drops of alcohol in the ear and wait 10 seconds. tip you head the opposite way so the ear is down. that should take care of it.

cara b
My mom always told me to use the blowdryer on a low speed. I've never actually done it though.

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