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thx for ur answers im doin a school project and was wondering what u guys ...

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 Do you ever cough up blue stuff?
I have allergies and seem to always have mucus. but when I cough (not often) but sometimes there is some streaks of blue. is it dried blood or something?
Additional Details
my medication ...

I'm allergic to apples, but only when they are raw. Why is that?
I can't eat raw apples.

But when they are cooked, or made into apple choice, I'm perfectly alright.

Why is that?
Additional Details
I'm allergic to other fruits, too.

Strawberries, fresh from the tree plums and such.

Black cherries for me are almost worse than eating apples.

I have severe allergies to all foliage in Germany.

It's horrible. =(

Maybe I should live in a bubble.

Cuz ur a Freak.

I would bet that you are allergic to the acids in these fruits. If you cook them you cook out most of the acids.

I dont have a definite answer. My boyfriend is the same way. He cant eat a lot of fruits raw, apples included. He is also lactose intolerant. Possible link? Just wanted to let you know ur not the only one out their. I would suggest going to the doc tho for supplements to be sure ur getting all the nutrition you need on a daily basis.

Cody L
i don't know but i have the same thing when i eat raw apples my throat swells but i can eat apple pie and drink apple juice and i can eat apple sauce it is just that way i guess i am just glad that i am not alone in the world all my friends make fun of me for it i feel you

Well, it's very likely that... well.. let me explain it to you this way, ok?

If you're a baker then you would know that bread is risen with yeast and yeast produces alcohol, but as you know, bread is not alcoholic. This is because the alcohol evaporates when it's cooked. So, whatevers in the apples that makes you sick, evaporates when cooked. Very simple.

dark angel
Hi Julia,when apples are cooked they change molecular structure and that is why you can eat them.

That is called oral allergy syndrome. I'm surprised that you are not allergic to more raw fruits or vegetables. It is linked with pollen allergies. I think apples are related to birch trees. You are probably also allergic to birch tree pollen.
I used to be allergic to nearly all raw fruits and vegetables. After being on allergy desensitation shots for five years for my pollen allergies, my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away! Now I can even eat a salad and watermelon.

Susan M
A naturopath once told me to peel all fruit, especially apples, due to fungus on the skin. It could be something like that or it could be that apples have an enzyme that you react to that breaks down when you cook the apples.

that is because when a fruit is raw it's chemicals are strong, but when it's cooked the heat breaks down the chemicals and they become less harmful to people who have allergies.

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