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How long does an allergy shot last? will it help with my nasal congestion?

don b
not always do an allergy shot works. Check with your Doc if you are allergic to certain items. They may have a certain remedy for it.

When you say "allergy shot" are you referring to a single injection of steroid, or hyposensitization? There is quite a difference.

You have to get a series of allergy shots;they last a few months when they do work.Some people do not get any relief from the shots,though. If it does work for you,it will relieve your congestion.

How long after I start taking the allergy shots before I feel better?
It usually takes 6 months or more of shots before you start feeling better and notice relief of your allergy symptoms. If you don't feel better after this time, you should probably talk with your doctor about another kind of treatment for your allergies.
What kind of allergies can be treated with allergy shots?
Allergy shots work well for pollen allergies(also called allergic rhinitis or hay fever), eye allergies, bee-sting allergies and some drug allergies. In some people, allergy shots can improve asthma symptoms.

Usually people get allergy shots after they have tried other treatments that haven't worked. Other treatments include avoiding allergens and taking medicine, such as an antihistamine.
What will happen if my doctor and I choose allergy shots to treat my allergy?
Your doctor will want to do an allergy test to help determine exactly what is causing your allergy. An allergy skin test puts tiny amounts of allergens onto your skin to see which ones you react to. Or, your doctor may decide to do a blood test, such as the radioallergosorbent test (called RAST) or the ImmunoCap test.
How many shots will I have to get?
Quite a few. You will start getting shots 1 or 2 times each week. After about 6 months of weekly shots, your doctor will decide when you can start maintenance treatment. Maintenance shots are usually given just once each month, year round. You'll probably need to get maintenance shots for 3 to 5 years. Then you may be able to stop having shots.

mine lasts about 3 months only

Penney S

If you mean you were skin tested and getting desensitizing shots, they will probably need to be repeated when allergy season approaches next time.
Yes, they will help prevent signs of allergy such as nasal congestion.

Erika M
An allergy shot is usually part of a series of allergy shots. The goal of the series is to reduce your sensitivity to the allergen in general. If you complete the entire series and your doctor feels you need no more shots, you should see some improvement with problems like nasal congestion, if the allergy you were treated for had nasal symptoms.

But a specific one-time shot is probably not going to have an effect against a specific exposure to the allergen. So one shot can't really be said to have any lasting protective effects. To deal with specific exposures to allergens, either before, during, or after the series of shots, you will probably still need to rely on decongestants.

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