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How do you tell the difference between a cold, allergies and sinus problems?
At first i thought my problem was allergies. but the pollen hasn't really been that bad here. plus i woudl take allergy medicine and it wouldn't really help. then i thought it was a cold because a co-worker was sick. but now its been over a week. i get headaches, sneeze a lot (or feel like i have to sneeze but it goes away and makes my whole head/face hurt), and i blow my nose pretty much all day. what is this!?

laid back brainstormer
With allergies your eyes usually itch. And there is pressure in the middle of your forehead. With a cold you start feeling tired. With sinus problems, your nose runs. At least that's the case with me. Sounds like allergies to me. Flonase is pretty good, but requires perscription.

Go to the doctor

If you know that you have certain allergies, it might be that. If you don't get your allergy symptoms taken care of, it will lead to a sinus infection. I've had a lot of them. Thats what sounds like has happened to you. If your face hurts (ugh) it's a sinus infection. Go to your health care provider and get better!!

Another thing to look for it the color of mucus- usually if it's clear it could be allergies or a cold and if it's colored its a sinus infection. check out this website for other symptoms-
http://heartspring.net/infections.html also check www.webmd.com for info too.

feel better!

Exactly, lots of people, including me, seem to be suffering.

I have ruled out allergy and a cold. I have a minor sinus problem, but that is not it.

What is left is an irritant or noxious agent. Could it be pollution? Or even a natural toxic agent in the atmosphere?

Sometimes, I think it is the repressive political regime in England. Repressive to the underclass, where the middle classes are deliberately favoured and the lower classes are disenfranchised, and persecuted if they complain.

You can always rule out allergies by doing what you did-- take some basic allergy medicine, and if there is no positive result, it's not alergies.
Therefore it's some type of illness... it could just be a cold, but it could also be a sinus infection... if you don't get any better in a few more days, your best bet is going to the doctor.

ER Doctor
That is very hard to tell unless you go get checked.Its even hard on doctors or nurses to tell,cause they have all the same symptoms.But with test you could be able to tell.What your describing sounds more like allergies then a cold.

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