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How do you know if you are allergic to bee stings?
I have many many allergies and have always wondered if I am allergic to bee stings. Is there some way besides going to the doctor or stinging yourself to figure it out?

Go get stung by a bee...lol

Well, when you get stung, you won't be able to breathe, that's how you know you're allergic to bee stings.

If can also be a genetic thing, like my grandmother is allergic so I'm probably allergic too. See? If you do get stung, and you realize you're allergic, use EpiPen.

I've NEVER been stung and hate bees.

You would have to get a standard allergy test to determine all things you are allergic to. I don't think the doctor can just test you for bee stings. If you are worried, you can carry a kit around just in case you get stung. I have been stung so many times, it is difficult for me to understand how you have gone so long with out being stung. Good for you. :)

Kala Boo
All I know is that once you get stung and you have serious side effects like getting dizzy your allergic.

Sorry but it is all I know.

no, not to my knowledge. But if you get stung, and your airway closes off, good chance you're allergic.

If you get stung and have a reaction such as swelling, redness, warmth, trouble breathing, hives or death.

miss advice
just wait. eventually, you will get a bee sting at some point in your life. put wet chewing tobacco on it- it'll draw the poison out (it's not LETHAL poison, unless you are allergic and do not recieve medical attention).

People are worried about Sever allergies. If you have reason to be alarmed you can get a blood test done for a specific allergen. If you have been stung once and it really swelled up for a long time (a month or more) than go get tested. If you are severely allergic you will not have any doubts because you will start dying and it will be one of the most painful agonizing experiences ever.

Have you ever had any bug bites?

I am deathly allergic to bee stings and here a few similarities between stings and other bug bites.

With so called "regular" bug bites, the immediate area turns a bright red and slightly feverish. Within about 30 minutes I develope a "welt" like bump, it is usually about the size of a dime but they have been as big as a half dollar. Oh yea and it itches like crazy.

With a sting the same happens but at a much more rapid pace, Within 5 to 10 minutes I have the huge welt and then my head gets really itchy and my throat starts to swell shut and it is very hard to breath. I might have about 20 mins to get to the hospital.

If you have had that type of reaction to a "regular" bug bite or have many other severe allergies then you most likely are allergic to bee stings. My sugggestion is see an allergist.

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