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 Urticaria (hives)?
My age is 15. I am suffering from urticaria more than a year.
Previously i was taking levocetirizine tablets 5mg zylera given by my doctor.( but he could not detect that i was suffering from ...

 Sinus problem?

why is it that when someone sneezes everyone says ''god bless you'' ????????????...

 Should I be worried.?
I work at a plastic recycling company as a receptionest. They clean grind, and do what ever else they do to get plastic scrap ready for sale. They burn it to see what type it is.
I had a Betta ...

 I think I'm allergic to bananas, can someone fill me in on this?
When I was younger I could bananas all the time, now if I eat one I feel like dying. Does anyone know why this is? I know it's not a potassium thing. Is there anything else it could be?...

 What is the reason of sneezing?

 Ten points to whoever answers!?
ok im gonna be honest! why isit that everytime i masterb8 to pleasure myself, streight away i get a flue and a sore throat. even my eyelids and the skin around my eyes go dark. if i was to again ...

 Which antihistamine will work for hives?
the only antihistamines i have are benedryl
and the stuff thats in nite time cold/flu relief [from dollor general] the antihistamine is Doxylamine succinate.
which will work better???

 Allergy Problems?
I am allergic to mostly dust and polline and my allergies get really bad in the spring time/summer (like now) only my right eye gets red and waters non stop. I have tried eye drops but all they do is ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to apples but not applesauce?
I was wondering if it was possible to be allergic to apples but not applesauce because if I eat even a little bit of an apple I have what seems like an allergic reaction. (symptoms of an allergic ...

 Daughter just diagnosed with coeliac disease, lost 9kg asthma very unstable. 4mth til hosp appt what do I do?
Daughter has asthma, eczma, hayfever, allergies etc, now diagnosed coeliac by blood test. Hospital appointment in May, do I switch to gluten free now? which I understand will effect results the ...

 My nose is stuffy, my ears are plugs, itchy watery eyes. and sneezing how can i get rid?

 Increase food allergies? Does anyone experience these symptoms?
During the late 1990’s I began having problems with my tongue swelling, geographic tongue with painful blisters and difficulty breathing when I eat a some popular food chains. I never had food ...

 Does anybody know any natural antihistamines??? i suffer from a really really bad itching?
i dont want to take a pill anymore like polaramine celestamine benadryl etc.. when i itch my skin usualy feels hot, want to scratch it so bad want to use a fork. then i will have bumps afterwards. ...

 Should I take him back to the Dr?
My son has been suffering from allergies/asthma for about a month. He used to have it, went away. He came down with a bad, dry cough. Dr. put in back on albuterol inhaler, zyrtec and tylenol w. ...

 I am allergic to beef could i also become allergic to milk?

 What r the symtoms of a alllergetic reaction for a 8yr old around month old kittens,what can she take?
she's 8yrs old & she came home today with what looked like pinkeye but when i looked closer the eye isn't pink inside but is very red around the eye.she is saying it feels very itchy &...

 Should I go to hospital/call doctor?
This past week I've been having signs of an allergic reaction, swollen lips, small (barely visible) hives, etc. It wasn't really that big of a problem, but now I'm having breathing ...

 My mom has awful allergies....... does anybody know any good allergy medicine?
she has really bad allergies. like really bad. she sneezes all the time and her eyes are always itching and i would like to get her a really good allergy medicine... if you know of any good ones ...

 For anyone who knows anything about asthma?
My son has be recently diganosed with allergy induced asthma. I give him his meds every night ( singular, claritian, nasonex pulmicort) and then it flairs up zopanex. My question is he just had ...

How do you get high off of dust off!?
can someone tell me how to get high off of dust of caused my boyfriend is stupied and wont explain it...

Yeah, "stupid" is the right word. Are you sure you want this boyfriend?

Dude the internet should be able to tell you how.Type in the question you just asked and see what pops up.

This Is sooo stupid hun, I think you need to break up with the dummie... I did It once and Its really stupid and I could feel myself lose brain cells.. seriously!!! Umm I wont tell you how to do It because Its really dumb... Get a life and new friends..

Good Luck

fancy face.
you just inhale it as some one sprays it,
slowly, meaning, you let your lungs expand while you breath it in,
then after like 20 or 30 seconds, you talk & your voice will automatically become deep.

then after you keep doing, you will get dizzy & everything will
seem to be all weird. trust me, its crazy dude!

You can't be serious~ honestly, keep your brain cells, you need them~!

Inhaling the compressed air in the can, it gives a mild high and causes slight dizziness but tell your b/f to watch out b/c ppl die from inhaling Dust Off

Shawn's mama
i guess by breathing in the chemicals... like if you sniff glue and markers, you get a little dizzy feeling "high" feeling...stupid though cause after time this will ruin your brain....
try getting another boyfriend if he is into that kind of stuff.... this all leads to meth...(drugs made outta house hold items....the reason we all have to buy allergy medicine behind the counter now)

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