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How do i know if im allergic to nuts?
i would like to know if there is any way of finding out if i am allergic to anything.

Eat one and see wat happens

Do you break out in hives whenever I'm around?...Then you definitely are allergic to NUTS

try eating one. If you die, then your probably allergic to them.

stand next to someone eating nuts, if your throat gets itchy, it's safe to say you probably are!

you need to be tested....

and that will also tell you if you have alergies too....

Amy C
Spot on

eat some of them.

Or go to a doctor, they can get you tested for a whole range of things.

Christina G
Go to the docter......

If you were allergic you would know because you would react to it. Itching, rash, throat and tongue swelling, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, sickness can all be symptoms. If you have had any of these your doctor can give you a blood test. Most of these so called allergy clinics are just out to make money, go to your doctor if you are concerned.

If you really believe you have an allergy, please don't try eating it as it's potentially fatal if the reaction is severe.

i would advise u go to the hospital and see if they can run a test for things like if ur allergic to certain kinds of nuts,but the only way they'll know is u'll start to break out into hives really bad

Your doctor can send you to an allergy specialist, or you can buy kits on the interenet for about £20 and send it off and they will send you the results. I was just looking at one myself.

jennie c
my daughter used to have a friend who was allergic to nuts,at school the children all had to have their lunchboxes checked to make sure they didn't bring any.if she had the slightest wiff of them it made her really ill.surely considering how she was you would know by now if you were its nasty allergy

School is fun? No? IDK?
Go ask your doctor

the doctors generally perform a series of skin tests to check for allergies..

here is a video http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/allergy-tests/MM00385

megan cullen :)) <3
Go to an allergy doctor and get tested. It's way safer than just trying nuts. An allergy doctor will test you for tons of different foods. You'll either have to get your blood drawn (it's no big deal, I'm twelve and had it done), or have them put this itchy stuff on your back(had that too), or both. It's really simple and it's worth knowing, because a nut allergy can be deadly.

Lilacs in Spring
My daughter is allergic to walnuts, pecans, various tree nuts. As soon as she has a bite, her mouth & throat start to itch and she says it is a little hard to swallow. Fortunately for her, an over the counter Benadryl or two takes care of the problem within 30 minutes or less.

Chances are, if you've not had an allergic reaction by your age (assuming your not a 3 year old child genius), you're probably not allergic to nuts!
And going on the age theory, if you've not had allergic reactions to anything else, then its not worth worrying about because its not going to be anything you come into contact with regularly!

Go see your doctor and they can arrange to get you to see a dermatologist and you get tested by putting small amounts of extracts on your skin and see if reaction
which is fine for allergies but if you are intolerant then it is harder to test for.
But if you eat some thing and you feel sick or a strange reaction then you could be allergic to that food then tell your doctor so they can check further

Amy C
The only official way to know is to go to the doctor and they can run a series of tests...but usually an allergy to nuts will cause an anaphalactic reaction...like your tongue swelling up, difficulty breathing, sweating...etc. They are usually bad reactions... and you have to 100% avoid them or you could have serious complications. Other reactions range from mild and barely noticeable all the way up to those bad symptoms. If you have a particular reaction like ...for example... you get a tingling in your mouth, and a headache each time you eat a particular kind of nut, then chances are you are allergic...but better to see your doctor to make sure it is not something else entirely.

proud walker
A lot of health places such as beauty salons will do an allergy test. Probably covers nuts.

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